Saturday, October 19, 2013

a baby "sprinkle"

a few weeks ago i got to plan a baby "sprinkle" for one of my besties out here in california..
she was due with her second babe, so instead of a full shower we called it a "sprinkle"
because who doesn't love any chance to celebrate? we did a book shower and did a few fun games. even though it was just a sprinkle, we had 2 fun ideas i wanted to share here:
  • baby picture game: have every guest bring a baby photo of themselves and attach it to their present in place of the card. then, the expecting mom has to guess who each picture is as she opens gifts. it was entertaining + sparked conversation.
  • baby candy game: my close friend told me about this game and i knew i had to do it. it's so funny and definitely memorable! you just have to go get all these different candies below, and then pair them up with paper print-outs of the matching words/phrases. you hand out candy to some and the papers to others, then you have people try to find their corresponding match! once everyone is paired up, you can go around and have people read theirs..then, leave the candy with the pregnant mom for all of her candy cravings! :) here is the list:

snickers: baby giggles
swedish fish: sperm
baby ruth: baby girl name
3 musketeers: triplets
skor bar: night of conception
lifesavers: epidural
baby spit up: goobers
milky way-:breast milk
payday: day of delivery
sugar daddy: father
tootsie rolls: tiny toes
whoppers: contractions
doublemint gum: twins
hershey's kisses: baby kisses
sugar babies: sweet infants
mike & ike: twin boys
red ropes (licorice): umbilical cord
hot tamales: heart burn
milk duds: non-lactating boobs
^^like i said, hilarious!

i love tara so much and we are so happy that her cute baby girl has now arrived!
she is the best mom and seriously i kept forgetting she was even pregnant because
she is wonder woman: working full time, being the cutest mom and friend, and coming to the gym 
with me all the time. she's unreal! we kept the "sprinkle" just simple & pink..
pink sugar cookies, and fruit + yogurt parfaits with strawberries & honey. love you tara!
^^ here's my baby picture, she couldn't guess! ^^


  1. A baby "sprinkle" ! How cute. I love the candy and game ideas. And the decorations are adorable! :)

  2. Just played that candy game at shower! It was so fun!

  3. Precious ideas for a shower...errr sprinkle. I love the one with the baby pictures!
    Amy @

  4. I think the baby picture game is such a cute idea.


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