Tuesday, October 15, 2013

tuesday ten

ten signs of fall around 
our apartment right now
1. back to the kitchen! now that it's cooling down i am way more in 
the mood to get cookin'! i feel like all summer long we 
were out of town + it was hot ---->so we ate out. now i'm back!

2. starting to decorate for the upcoming holidays! love this idea..
and any idea involving pumpkins, gold paint and hand lettered stamps.

3. honey crisp apples. enough said.

4. banana bread/ zucchini bread/ pumpkin bread/ all bread

5. perfect weather in san francisco..our indian summer is just getting started!

6. because, who doesn't love grilled cheese + soup in the fall?

7. a new door color for fall

these comfort food dishes always feel like fall.

9. autumn salads

10. these kind of gems at trader joe's.

i'm doing everything i can to bring fall to california,
but the sunrises are still looking like this and it's still a perfect 78 degrees 
every day. luckily it cools down at night, so i soak up anytime i can 
cuddle up and dream of fall! 


  1. There really is no better apple than a honeycrisp apple. THE BEST.
    Also, your gold painted pumpkins are SO cute! I can't wait to do this.

  2. it's like mid-50's here today :) a bit nippy, but i'm loving it. sweaters and leggings and scarves. (and boots if only i could fit my fat swollen feet in them....)

    happy october!

  3. It is truly fall here in New England! 40s to 50s at night, 60-70s by day! I LOVE that pumpkin with the gold paint! I just bought gold spray paint for another project- can't wait to give my pumpkins a quick make over !

  4. Fall cooking and decor?!?! Sounds wonderful to me!!!! :-D

  5. Grilled cheese and soup every meal over here! I love it. and the occasional Trader Joe's gem :)

  6. That chicken dish looks delicious! And, at least you have some cool weather. It still feels like we are smack in the middle of summer here in Florida. Those gold glittered pumpkins are so cute! I am in a pumpkin phase as well.


  7. I am so ready for my husband to get back so I can start cooking again. It's perfect weather for it.

  8. Yum all of the fall cooking makes me so happy! And of course the weather too! :)

  9. i love cali in the fall. and the winter. and the spring. and the summer.

  10. Fall is made for soup and grilled cheese!!!

  11. It looks cozy :) and the pic of the sky is so gorgeous!
    Have a great Thursday, enjoy Californian Fall, we got our first frost yesterday, hrrrrr :D


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