Sunday, October 27, 2013

c&e throwback

this weekend chase is gone on a boys trip in LA for the USC game. 
i hate having him gone, but it's been fun to have some girl time with friends 
all weekend including pedicures, a dinner out downtown, and 
watching nashville on the couch until late late late.

...anyway, this weekend we are headed to new york city!
we love the big apple, and we've both visited a lot but the last time we went together 
we were dating! so obviously i had to go back in time for some pictures of that trip. 
as long as chase is out of town, i had an excuse to look through my iphoto at all 
of our dating pictures and reminisce! i put some old NYC pictures 
here along with a few others because, well i can't help it.
at the time of this new york trip, it was a big deal. i was at school in 
salt lake city and chase was living in washington DC so we were 
dating long distance. i was going to visit him over valentines day, and then 
a day before i flew out to DC he mailed me surprise tickets to NYC for part of the weekend! 
{he has always been a master of surprise.} so once i got to DC, we took the 
train to new york for the weekend. it was the best to celebrate valentines day 
there with him, and we were so young and in love and dreaming of our life together. 
we saw 3 broadways, ate the perfect meals, did the empire state building, stayed 
in greenwich village with friends who lived there, and splurged on our 
college student//washington DC intern budgets. i smile just thinking about it! 
it's crazy that it was almost 3 years ago..
^^ such nerds
while i was going through old photos to find these, i came across so many pictures 
that made me nostalgic for our fun dating years. the fact that chase is out of town 
made me love these pictures even more since i was missing him. here are a few 
other random throwbacks i have to share of us before we were mr. & mrs.!
 ^^4th of july in DC, when i lived there and chase was visiting.
^^ i miss jackson, and the boat, and the giddy feeling 
of bringing chase up there for the first time.
^^ the cutest book ever that i finally gave to the right boy
^^ when i came home from a trip once and chase brought my dog to 
pick me up at the airport. yes, he brought her IN the airport haha. 
the sign says: "we don't like when you leave us" ...swoon!
^^ what chase wrote while filling out our marriage license application :) 
^^ one of the cute love story doors we made for our wedding
^^ hawaii while engaged. i want to be tan again!
the first time i tried on my dress, and then how it hung outside my room for 
months before the wedding...i got more excited every day when i would see it!
sorry for the cheesy post. 
come home, husband.
and we're excited to see you again soon, NYC!


  1. :) I love this and NYC! One of our favorite places.

  2. So so so cute! You and your guy seen perfect for each other :) it's always fun to do a little walk down memory lane with the ones you love :)

  3. Such a sweet post *cries in room*!


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  5. I die! You two are the cutest, and he really is the master of surprise! Long distance is the worst but guys made it a beautiful story:)

  6. usually i don't really like big city and all that, but new york definitely has its charm. it's my exception. have a great trip!

  7. You two make a wonderful couple. Lots of love in these pics :)

  8. Aw this is so nice. Have a great time in NYC! Can't wait to see what you get up to there.


  9. Oh my gosh. I'm melting. You two are too cute for words! Have fun in NYC and I can't wait to see your pictures!


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