Sunday, October 13, 2013

sunday notes

dear october, please just sit down and stay a while.

dear saturday, this week you were exactly what we needed. thanks for including sleeping in, yoga, waffles, lots of football watching, and a date with husband.

dear utes, we are so proud of you for pulling off the biggest upset yesterday! the #5 team in the nation {stanford} fell to our hometown team. GO utes!

dear apple picking, i think it's time we go again this year.

dear cooking, i am back in love with you now that it's fall + we're in town for a while. pinterest was my best friend this week, and now the kitchen is fully stocked and ready for some one-on-one time.

dear husband, thanks for taking me to the movies this weekend. captain phillips was so intense!! .. all i can say is i love the USA and tom hanks.

dear movie theatre, thanks for being close enough to walk to from our apartment. it made date night even better.

dear california, we are so glad you have tennis weather all year round so we could play this week...and every week.

dear girls night, thank you for including good food & better conversation...and everything pumpkin.


  1. I would love for October to stick around forever haha.

  2. CAN'T WAIT TO SEEEEE YOUUUUUU! love you more than tom hanks

  3. I'm pretty sure that there is no better combination than a saturday in October! :)

  4. very lovely words :)


    visit me ...

  5. I need a Saturday like yours and a girls night. Both sound like bliss :)


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