Wednesday, October 2, 2013

muir woods: hiking the dipsea trail to stinson beach

since my parents have been to the bay area many times and also visited us a lot since we moved out here, we decided to plan some different activities for this visit. we are so glad we did, because muir woods was something none of us had done and we were all amazed at how much we loved it. we took the dipsea trail from tamalpais junction all the way to stinson beach, 9 miles! we weaved in and out of the woods out to a coastal trail looking down on the ocean..needless to say, it was dreamy. we highly recommend this hike and i will write more details soon. here are some iphone pictures, they don't do it justice!
^^ the famous dipsea stairs at the beginning ^^
^^ tall tall trees! ^^
mom + husband.
almost there! stinson beach in sight!
it was the best feeling to get to stinson beach after all the hiking and relax. perfect weather!
it's that san francisco indian summer, i tell you. the fall is the ideal time to visit.
we took the shuttle back to our car and then drove back to the city, but stopped for this gem of a view. it NEVER gets old! i am so in love with this city.
my dad and husband...two favorite guys.
love this boy and this city
my parents are always up for anything. they taught me how to be adventurous!
we dropped down on the other side of the golden gate to 
walk out to this point by the lighthouse.
^^ can you guys just move here? ^^
see their tour of google here, and our fun dinner in SF here.


  1. These are some beautiful pictures!!!

  2. what a great hike! i definitely will put this on our list of to-do's.


    1. you need to for sure do this! and we need to meet up since we're both out here in the bay!!!


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