Friday, November 15, 2013

a lunch date

when you need quick lunch in the city,
'wichcraft is your spot.
i remember trying it when my friend
anna and i visited NYC from DC while
we were living there. we got to new york
and walked through bryant park,
saw the cute 'wichcraft stand and stopped
right away for lunch. it was quick,
yet gourmet and fresh. it hit the 
spot and i've loved it ever since!

now they are in san francisco, (!!!!!) 
just a few streets 
from our new apartment--
so, yay!
this time they sponsored our visit, 
and chase and i had the yummiest
lunch there with the amazing creamwich 
for dessert. we are 'wichcraft fans!

they have 15 locations in NYC, and one more in vegas..
and then of course our san francisco location..thank goodness.
here's hoping they expand even more!
^^ roasted turkey with avocado, bacon, 
cranberry relish and aioli. all on the best bread.. 
plus, it's served warm. de-lish!
^^ chase had the grilled flank steak sandwich 
and loved every bite. so many great flavors.
seriously the best peanut butter cookie on planet earth.
it is their famous creamwich, and pb is the best flavor.
it's like a homemade do-si-do girl scout cookie, but
way way way way way better. we had some and then 
ordered a few more to take with us because.. yum!
trying different creamwich flavors. 
{all good, but pb won.}
it's always nice to have a place where you can grab 
food fast, but still get quality! this is that place. go!
see their adorable cookbook here
i'm adding it to my christmas list.


happy 2 years since we got engaged!
we did this little lunch date to celebrate early, and
we have a fun weekend ahead of more celebrating.


  1. This place sounds amazing! Wish they had things like this in El Paso.

    1. it's the best! haha i'll put in a good word for them to bring one there :)

  2. Did you move into the city??? Love 'Wichcraft! Do a highlight on Sandwich Spot in the Marina... it is AMAZING. Its like Ikes... but I think it may be better, its Dutch crunch bread is so yummy.

    1. yes!!! we are currently moving in to a new place in lower nob hill. we both said we wish you guys still lived here, we would have been so close! i've never even heard of that place, can't wait to try it! hope you are loving boston..we all missed you at tenley's bday, and the backpack you guys sent was the CUTEST! xo

    2. That's amazing. I'm so jealous!! What streets is your new place on? I'm seriously SO jealous right now. You're going to love the city.

    3. we are so excited. it's good timing with just a semester left of my master's, so we're doing it! it's on post & leavenworth and we love it! also we are thinking of visiting boston this spring, we'll have to meet up if so! xo

  3. This food looks amazing...and you guys are darling as always. Happy two years!!

  4. Thats such a cute name for a sandwich store, and the menus are so well designed. Sounds delicious!

    1. i agree! love the design...and name...and food! xo

  5. Looks like ti was a fun lunch date. Those sandwiches look amazing!

  6. I've heard that 'wichcraft is fantastic! I will definitely have to try it out sometime :)


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