Thursday, November 21, 2013

what we eat

we love food around here, and we've been eating well lately.
sometimes when i'm making dinner i can't help but snap a 
picture with my phone to send to my mom since we love 
cooking together and miss doing it!
here's some recent good food and recipes. enjoy!

 a fun way to do a salad bar at home, 
these muffins.

amazing roasted kale + butternut squash tart

two breakfast staples: 
old fashioned oatmeal + green smoothie

the best cookie i have had in a
long time! 4 kinds of chocolate chips.

lots of favorites in one picture: homemade lettuce wraps // 
a favorite mexican restaurant // pumpkin pie //
pineapple teriyaki chicken //salmon + brown rice 
+ seaweed salad // and last but not least: 
chicken, mushroom & broccoli bake..our favorite fall dinner.

peanut butter no-bakes. dare i say, better
than the regular kind with chocolate?

// garlic parmesan bread // margherita pizza at home // 
// roasted brussels sprouts // the best salad //

new favorite salad restaurant, right by our apartment!

a new ice cream place we found in palo alto..look at those flavors!

and, these are being produced almost 
nightly around here. come and get some 
before it's time for christmas cookies!

ps did anyone notice the amount of cookies mentioned in this post?
must be the holidays.... :)

for a few more healthy recipes to balance those out,


  1. I definitely noticed all of the cookies. Yum, yum, yum! I will have to try the popular coconut chocolate chip cookies. So glad its the cookie/holiday season! :)

    1. my kind of girl! nothing better than the holiday treat season...good thing they are a little bit balanced by salads...right? xoxo

  2. thank you thank you for these recipes. I will be trying to cook up something this weekend :O)

    1. good! let me know what you make! XO

  3. Yum! Do you think you could use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in the pumpkin cookies?!

    1. YES! i forgot to change the recipe, but have started doing it myself. just melt it down and it's a good substitute! you can also do half coconut oil and half vegetable oil. xoxo

  4. Oh my it all looks good, but the cookies YUM!

  5. Wow, so many great recipes in one post, this is awesome! First time commenting. I pinned your banana muffins last year and need the recipe again. Now I'm a follower <3 (those muffins got me through my pre-wedding diet/weight loss plan :-) )

  6. I love that Julia Child quote! And that salad restaurant looks amazing.
    thanks for linking up with Treat Yo Self!

  7. All this food porn was way too much for me...


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