Tuesday, November 12, 2013

broadway in the rain, & the late show

a trip to new york truly isn't complete without 
seeing a show on broadway. this time i wasn't sure 
if we should see one, because we've seen so many and there 
weren't any obvious new shows out since last time.
...well, pippin was the answer. 
let's just say, i cried at the end. 
it was amazing. one of those that takes 
warming up to in the first act, but comes full
circle by the end. thanks mom & dad for the tickets!
a stroll through times square after 
the show, and before a {late} dinner.
earlier that same day, we got last minute tickets
to see the late show with dave letterman!
chase and i LOVE dave, so we were giddy.
we got my parents tickets too, and when
we got there they chose us to be on the very
front row! very front. we were 5 feet from dave
himself! he answered audience questions, and morgan 
freeman + brian regan were on. it was so fun to see dave, 
but wow it was a long process and since it was the 
second taping of the day, you could see that dave was a 
little bit ready to be done. it's okay, still love him.
so excited after we found out we were on the front row!
that day also included joe's pizza, subway rides, 
city strolls, & the best meal of our trip 
which i have a feature coming all about...
love these two city guys
new york, you always provide endless entertainment.
two shows in one day, and so much fun in between.


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  1. Amazing! I cannot wait to go to NYC one day!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. ahh you've never been?! it's a dream, you will love it one day.

  2. lovely photos! your trenchcoat is too cute



  3. Sounds like a perfect day! If you haven't seen Steven Colbert live you definitely should!

    1. ahh next time! my friend interned on that show, i should have had her get us tickets! thanks for reminding me- we love him.

  4. I'd love to see Pippin! You two look like an absolute dream in Times Square. Looks like something straight out of a magazine. Also, I love studio show tapings! I saw Craig Ferguson and Jeopardy last time I was in LA and loved it!

    1. you're so sweet-- we were exhausted and drenched by rain, but new york makes any picture look better! love that you saw jeopardy, haha chase would LOVE that! xoxoxo

  5. That first picture is so perfect. It has that magic in it that New York has. So glad you got to see Pippin! I saw it a few years ago and cried at the end too :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. ahh we are kindreds! and, magic is the best word to describe NYC. xo

  6. I love Broadway shows!!! :)

  7. Love the song "Corner of the Sky" in Pippin. What a fun trip!!

  8. Ah Pippin! I want to see that so bad! How wonderful your night must have been! :)


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