Saturday, November 16, 2013

monuments & statues

we visited the 9/11 memorial and lady liberty 
all in one afternoon while in new york.
so much patriotism was felt this day...
how sobering it is to stand in the very place where 
the 9/11 attacks happened. i visited the world trade center 
before those attacks and went to the top, visited ground zero 
shortly after the attacks, and have been back to this 
memorial a few times. i have seen it change and 
progress and it is going to be the most beautiful 
tribute to those who were victims that day.

the statue of liberty fit in perfectly with seeing the 9/11 memorial, 
and it was so powerful to see her out there standing tall and 
strong after having just visited the memorial.
god bless the USA! 
chattin' with lady liberty
a stop at wall street so chase could 
get a picture with the bull.
we put this to very good use on our trip. ^^
see more new york here.



  1. Ha! Tim always loves getting a picture with the bull. He says he even wants a little figurine to put on a desk. Crack me up.

  2. I have always wanted to see the memorial since it was completed. Sadly I've only been to NYC once... in August of 2001, so right before 9/11. I was glad I went when I did but I would love to see how it's changed since then.

    1. that's unbelievable that you visited just the month would be amazing for you to go back now! xoxoxo


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