Tuesday, November 19, 2013

new york video and the brooklyn bridge

finally posting the last of new york, two weeks after our trip.
what can i say, we packed a lot into 5 days in the big apple!
see them all here.
and see our updated guide to new york city HERE. whew!

here is our video {not our best, we weren't really thinking of making a video, 
just had random shots} but it came together and is a fun memory!

and finally, our last night walking the brooklyn bridge..
one of my favorite things to do in new york. 
cute parents
almost there...
i can't believe our one picture on the bridge all
together is blurry! oh well, still love it.
we made it!
our sweet sweet reward
and an even sweeter reward.

we adore you more every time we visit nyc,
but it's good to be back home on the west coast.
until next time!


  1. I am going to the city this weekend to see the Radio City Christmas Show and the Rockettes!! Reading your guides and posts is getting me so excited :)

  2. Alright... you convinced me! LOL I've been to NYC countless times, but never walked the Brooklyn Bridge! Did you walk the entire bridge? If so, how much time do I need for it?

    Keep writing!
    XO Lindsey

    1. haha good! it's the best. yes, we walked the entire bridge and then took the subway back later. i've done it both directions, i'd recommend taking the subway over to brooklyn and walking back since you have a view of the city the entire time! you could walk it in 30-45 minutes, depending how often you want to stop and take pictures! :) xo

  3. Looks like you had a great trip! We just went to Brooklyn too. Such a fun place to explore. We ate at Juliana's rather than Grimaldi's, so delicious! I still need to write my posts.... :-)

    1. glad to hear juliana's was good! the shorter line tempted us, but my parents hadn't tried grimaldi's so had to take them to the original..xo

      the well-traveled wife

  4. So fun! Last time we walked the bridge it was so so humid and about 100 degrees. We were dying haha!

  5. I love these NYC posts and I'm sad they're over! More travels, please! :)

  6. That first picture of you two is amazing! :)

  7. awesome! can't wait to go one day!
    thanks for sharing ;)

  8. ur video is so cute! my boyfriend has a gopro and is always making videos but i never end up seeing them.. maybe i'll try to talk to him into putting something together like that!



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