Monday, November 18, 2013

brunch at jacob's pickles

do you know what the ideal meal is?

brunch. easily.
how can you beat it?
when you're having brunch,
it's always a special occasion or weekend.

it's always relaxing.
it's always with favorite people.
it's always the best food.

we had heard about jacob's pickles a lot,
so it was time to try it out in nyc.
the second i walked up to the upper west side
location i knew i was already a fan of the style.
this place is full of good comfort food.
they have worked hard to make the food great,
and the atmosphere equally amazing.

^^ biscuit french toast.
as in, french toast made from homemade biscuits. yes.
^^ chase's chicken & pancakes. the southern boy
in him loved this variation of his favorite 
chicken & waffles.. he was in heaven.
^^ the famous fried pickles
^^ love the location
such a nice atmosphere ^^
fresh squeezed orange juice...
aka heaven in a glass.
veggie omelette with gruyรจre
there's a great outside patio as well
gorgeous interior
all variations of pickles at jacob's pickles!
it was so perfect to do brunch here with my parents 
before we parted ways again, back to SF and SLC.
thanks to jacob's pickles for the fun brunch 
on our last day in new york city!


  1. OH wow! This looks so wonderful. Brunch is THE best meal of the day. Those pancakes...and the biscuit french toast? oh. my. word.

  2. Brunch is definitely my favorite too. And sometimes even brunch buffets, but they have to be great!

  3. LOVE brunch and you guys are too cute!!!!!! :)

  4. How ridiculously adorable are you at brunch?! I've been to NYC once {this past summer} and we didn't have enough time to peruse. I can't wait to go back!

  5. it is so hard to find somewhere for breakfast or brunch here in cyprus. I am totally jealous, this place looks amazing! I would be in heaven with a plate of fried pickles.

  6. That brunch looks so delicious! Next time I'm in NYC I'm going to look it up!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. sooo i am drooling. so, that's good!
    so fun!

  8. WOW, this looks amazing! My blog partner is the one who posted the review on our site, now I REALLY have to go and try this place out.

    Nom In NY

  9. seems like a wonderful brunch place!! the food looks sooo good! :D

    Animated Confessions


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