Monday, November 4, 2013

google NYC

this was such a fun trip to new york because: 

a) we met my parents there {we love meeting them for trips since we live this one}
b) my dad had a grand opening for his running store that we got to attend..and we were asked to be last minute models at it {more on that below-ha ha!}
c) chase got to work out of the google NYC office! aside from the main office where he works, there are google offices all over the world.. he worked out of LA last weekend, and the new york office this weekend. google owns a huge building right next to the highline and chelsea market. it's amazing and had so many fun things. we went to lunch there, rode their scooters all around, played some ping pong, and explored the rooftop at night.

it was nice that my dad and chase both had business in the big apple 
so we could all meet and have the greatest weekend! 
here are some photos from google's new york office + my dad's store opening.

^^ a whole computer history museum in the office
^^ google's food, always amazing
my mom and chase take their ping pong very seriously..they also
then, it was off to the super runner's new store grand opening!
we were asked to model the running clothes last minute, and the
money we made off it covered what we had spent on the trip!
maybe we should reconsider a new career path.. thanks dad  :)
we got to meet some running legends who were there for marathon weekend!
my cute dad with bill rodgers {he has won the boston and NY marathon many times..legend!}
my dad has run a 2:50 marathon, so he's right there with him! proud of him for 
pulling off such a great event just in time for marathon weekend.
^^speaking of which, we got to watch the NYC marathon! we saw the winners come in past columbus circle.
after the store opening, we went up to the top floor 
of google to get ice cream and take in this view.
blurry, but loved that view.

we love you, NY. more to come!


  1. Thanks for commenting on My Curly Travels blog:) Check out my regular blog (where I post more often) at Im totally loving your blog as well!! Consider me following it from now on!

  2. Wow what an absolutely amazing experiences all of this must have been! Love the photos.

  3. Love the NYC pics :) all that you got to do in New York sounds so wonderful! :) Even those Google Office pics amaze me! I love that Computer History-picture! Just been watching Melrose Place from Netflix and kinda laughing at those old computers they use(and many other things...oh the 90's). And ps. I think you did great job modeling! Cute sport clothes!
    Have a great Tuesday :)

  4. Is Google as ridiculously cool as it seems? I feel like it must be the coolest place to work. Also, that's awesome you got to model and make all your money back! As always, love your pictures.

  5. Great post!! You and your family & husband get to do the coolest thing!!! :)

  6. What an awesome trip! You guys are seriously a household name for us. Tim and I love talking about all your adventures :)

    1. stop, you two are so cute. i hope we will all eventually meet up sometime!

  7. I didn't hear about the modeling. Sweet that it paid for the trip! I love the purple and orange top!

  8. Just got caught up on your blog! Your trip looks amazing. k....your dad opened a store in NY? What! How fun is that. I bet that means more trips to New York for you guys!! xoxo


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