Friday, November 22, 2013

travel tips: favorite travel sites + apps

the holidays are around the corner, and while 
you are planning trips and looking for new apps, 
these favorite travel sites & apps will help you make 
the most of your travel and devices. we are so lucky 
to have the internet and technology to connect us to 
places before we visit them and while we are there. here 
are some favorites that we use while traveling.. 
and they're just in time for thanksgiving travels. enjoy! 


1. tripadvisor 
{offline city guides}
we love this app! i know tripadvisor itself is obvious and many of you may 
have it, but the offline city guides part is first found it last year 
when we were visiting paris and rome. i mostly led the way around paris 
since it's my favorite, but when we got to rome we were a little less 
in-the-know. since we didn't bring phones or have access to 
internet when we were out and about, we downloaded the 
offline city guides beforehand, and then we could pull up 
maps, attractions, and any info we wanted because we had 
already downloaded it and needed no wifi to get to them. 
it even helps with public transit! just make sure to get the app, 
then download whichever city guide{s} you need for your trip. 
they are big, so download them when you have internet 
and leave some time to download, and then 
you have them right in your pocket!

2. flightview // airline apps
at some airports, the gate and departure times change multiple times. 
like we talked about in our tips for flying smart, we usually use 
our airline app to check flight status and gate, but you can also use 
flightview which has info for ALL flights leaving from your airport. 
it helps ease some stress and keeps you informed!

3. tripit
sometimes people are overwhelmed with all the organization and info that comes 
with planning a trip. you have the flight itineraries and confirmation numbers, 
hotel reservations, cars, museum tickets, transportation, it can get crazy fast! this 
app gets all of that info from your email {once you connect it} and keeps it 
ALL in one place. i have my own systems with this and haven't used this as 
much, but for some it may be a great way to manage all your trip info! 
i like to use passbook for my flights as well.

4. XE currency
i feel like i am good at math, but for some reason i always get confused with 
currency exchange. i don't know if it's the jet lag, or the denial at how the 
dollar does against some currencies...but i am always at a loss while shopping 
in other countries. this app works offline so you don't need internet, and it 
stores updated currency rates so that you can convert prices wherever you are. 
it has helped me many times, especially in the china markets when 
i needed to see how much, exactly, i was bartering for! :)

5. listmaster
use this, your notes app, your reminders app, or some organization app on your phone 
to create a packing list and check it off. it sounds simple, but when i have an upcoming 
trip i will think of random things i need at all different times. someone will suggest 
something, i'll read about something i need, or i'll just think of it. if you have your 
packing list in your pocket, you can add to it at anytime and then make sure 
that you have all you need when departure day comes!

6. triposo
this is a fun app with trip guides for all different cities. it's really good in europe, 
i recommend using the map to find info about tourist attractions. 
we always like to know the history and details 
of what we're seeing, and this has some great info. 

7. translation app
speakeasy and google translate are my favorite apps to help with translation. 
they are basically phrasebooks on your phone. sometimes you need a 
simple phrase or word when traveling, and you can 
just pull this out and quickly translate!

8. google maps
yes, we are a google family, but i am not biased sharing this one. 
google really is making improvements to their maps that will 
be even more helpful for travel. see these improvements here.

also check these apps out that i have 
yet to try but have heard great things about: 
free wifi finder, heywire, hotel tonight, iexit, pocket, jetpac, and uber.



this gorgeous site is kind of like pinterest for travel. 
you can connect to friends on social media, 
and you get amazing ideas from others. i love it.

2. vayable
this is the most incredible idea for a travel site. i'm in love with it. 
basically you go on and type in a city, and locals have posted 
offers you can buy. this is a way to really connect with 
a place and get a local experience. options range from 
a personal local guide through a neighborhood, 
to pasta making classes, to an authentic dinner 
in a local home. i cannot wait to use this site for 
something memorable! you could even use this 
for something unique in your own city!

3. gogobot

helps you plan trips, keep track of them, and document 

trips you've already done! i LOVE that you can 

enter every place you've ever been!

4. afar
unique and different things to do in 
cities all around the world.

save ideas for your next trip, create gorgeous reviews, 
and hear about new places from other travelers. 

this site and others like it help you track the best deals on flights and travel. 
we also like kayak, travelocity, and bing travel {when you search a flight, 
it tells you whether fares will drop in the next week, so you know 
whether to wait to buy.} see more travel budget tips here.

7. treat
lastly, i have a unique site that i love to use while traveling. 
because we are out of town a lot and we live away from family, 
this website is my favorite. it's important to me to remember 
special occasions and birthdays, and let loved ones know 
that we're thinking of them despite not being there in person. 
this cute website {a sister company of shutterfly and tinyprints} 
allows you to go online and personalize a greeting card 
for someone special. then, it will mail to you or straight to the 
person! it is so much better than getting a generic greeting card, 
and this is one case where the card would mean more 
than the gift. you can even schedule cards ahead of time, up to a year 
in that makes my organizer heart so happy! these cards are so 
thoughtful and unique...the only kind of greeting card you don't end up 
throwing away! there is one i love that looks like a magazine cover 
announcing someone's birthday..i am ordering it for my dad because we will 
be in europe at the time of his birthday, and it's something he'd get a kick out of! 
they are easier and usually less expensive than greeting cards.. and 
with the holidays coming i can't wait to use treat more! see the site here.

so, check these out for your next trip, 
and see all of our travel tips by clicking here.
happy trip planning!


  1. Great roundup! I am definitely bookmarking this page!

    1. good! you can pin it for the next time you have a trip :)

  2. Great information! Thanks!

  3. TripIt and Delta are two of our favorites too. In fact, TripIt saved us this morning by being able to rebook my husband on earlier flight, because it let us know that his flight would be over an hour and a half delayed. Oh, and maybe I used Delta to complete the change. :-)

  4. Great list! :) Love those packing lists.


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