Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tuesday ten: kitchen favorites

in honor of thanksgiving this week, {and the fog rolling in, 
making me want to cook a lot more}, i thought this tuesday 10 
would be a list of all my favorite kitchen items.

before i was married i honestly only knew how to cook 
brownies and quesadillas. just enough to survive on in college! 
my mom is an incredible cook and i didn't understand 
why none of that had rubbed off on me.

well, once we moved away to the bay and had no family 
to have us over on sunday for dinner, and our own little city apartment 
to turn into a home, i suddenly fell in love with cooking and that has only 
increased since then. {you can see some of our favorite, simple recipes here.
before our wedding i had no idea which items to register for that would be useful 
in the kitchen, but now i could write a book on it. so, here's a little taste 
of current favorite kitchen items that we use in our tiny little kitchen.
i couldn't choose just ten! so it's tuesday {twenty}

top kitchen favorites
1. multiple sets of measuring cups. 
seriously, you need more than one!
my mom always had lots growing up, 
so i stocked up on my registry
because you can never have too many. 
i am always cooking and need these..
one set can be dirty, you just always need an extra!
i love these quality martha stewart sets. 

2. cookie dough scoop.
i use this all the time.
maybe because i make cookies all the time.
but it is so useful for lots of recipes!
it helps you scoop up and even amount,
and the spring handle helps easily
drop the batter onto the sheet with no mess.
i got mine here at crate & barrel and love it.

3. the blendtec + blender bottle.
i know blendtecs are expensive,
but i think i use this the most out
of anything in the kitchen.
we're obsessed, and it is so worth it.
we make our daily green smoothie
shakes, soups, and so much more 
in this amazing machine.
the blender bottle is the perfect
way to transport your smoothie
to work and shake it up again
before you drink it!

4. glass tupperware + canisters.
the word tupperware can make you
think of leftovers in a plastic bin. yuck!
these martha stewart glass tupperware sets
are magical. they have snappable lids 
so everything stays fresh & nothing spills.
they also look appetizing and i use them
every day to take for lunch to work!
the glass canisters are also our favorite
because they make our cereal, sugar,
flour, etc look appetizing and stay fresh!

5. crepe wand. 
i know this is random,
but i LOVE this cute little crepe 
wand and actually use it all the time...
it is necessary for crepe making!
see our favorite crepes here.

6. this crepe spatula is a lifesaver, 
and not just for crepes! it is basically an 
oversized spatula and i can't tell you how often i use it...
for pizza in the oven, pancakes, and so many
others that needs some extra support!

7. uniquely shaped ice trays.
these little square ice trays by martha stewart
make the cutest, most appetizing ice cubes.
i always use them when we have friends over, 
and they add a little flair to our glasses.

8. this cutting board with a built in strainer 
is genius. just wash your fruit or veggies with 
this over the sink, then chop away!

9. cute aprons. i have a little apron
collection of darling aprons. i need to
wear them more, but i love hanging them
in the kitchen and i feel like a little chef
when i whip one out.

10. this cheese grater + container all in one.
it's genius! instead of a big grater with a plate
underneath, you just grade right into the container.
it is again, martha stewart and comes with
all different lids for different grating, plus
a sealable lid for when you're done. easy!

11. good knives. i use these every day,
multiple times per day! this fun colorful set
brightens up the kitchen, and they are great.
12. lots of spatulas and wooden spoons.
i also use tons of these all the time.
the wooden spoons are nice because 
they don't scratch my all-clad stainless
pans, and it's nice to have all the assortments 
for whatever you're mixing/ spreading.

13. best smelling dish soap, hands down.
and yes, that is our tiny portable dishwasher.
city living!

14. a lemon/ lime press.
first of all it's darling, second of all
i think i get 70% more juice out of
lemons and limes using this.
{crate and barrel}
15. and lastly, i really can't live without these.
i just might be a germ-a-phobe, but there
is no better feeling than pulling out a clorox
wipe and disinfecting everything in the kitchen!

what are your kitchen faves?


  1. My CrockPot gets the most use, but my Ice Cream Maker is my new favorite..I love making different ice cream concoctions using more natural ingredients.

  2. Clorox wipes complete me. Actually, that's probably a problem. Haha...

  3. Love those aprons too, and for me, it would have to be my Ninja blender, Keurig, and cute heart shaped measuring spoons!

    Bridging the Gap

  4. I just kept saying yes yes yes to almost all of these! I get SO grossed out by using towels to wipe off countertops. I just think of all the germs in there and I just can't do it. We def by our clorox wipes in bulk at Costco haha! Also, that cutting board looks amazing. I need one! Oh and sharp knives are the best. I always get mine behind the counter at the little asian grocery stores around Salt Lake. They are THE sharpest and are only $3-$5. So awesome!


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