Sunday, January 5, 2014

a solstice in sonoma

this little getaway came at a perfect time.
after the busy holidays visiting family + friends 
in salt lake city, we were in need of some rest
and relaxation in the sun...and time to focus 
on just each other. chase found us probably
the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in, 
the kenwood inn and spa. what a treat!
did we just arrive in tuscany, or sonoma?
^^ entry to our room
^^ umm our ROOM.....
it was off to the spa soon after we arrived..
so spoiled but so amazing. the spa at kenwood
is so nice that it was a treat even to sit in the waiting 
area...that would have been relaxing enough without the
massage! they had a fireplace, sparkling water, apples,
almonds, salted caramel chocolates, and biscotti. what
more does a girl need? i almost didn't want to leave the
waiting area when my masseuse came to pick me up!
^^ one of the hot tubs...we may have sat
in here for over an hour...too beautiful!
i wanted to take the entire master
bathroom home to be mine.
our first night we were invited to have dinner with
the resident chef..this was our cozy table by the fire!
we don't drink wine, but since we were in wine
country they brought us amazing "dry sodas"
that they had matched up the flavors of our meals with.
incredible and unique food
salted caramel chocolates on our pillow after that
4-course dinner..i'll never turn down chocolate!
^^ not surprising that the kenwood is so honored
^^loved going to sleep with the fire
loveliest morning breakfast
nothing like a good breakfast after a run.
though the vineyards were dry in january,
they were still pretty! we can't wait to come
back and visit in the summer -- wow.
we loved the kenwood.
it is the ideal getaway for a special
occasion. we recommend it highly
and we will be back ourselves!
more from sonoma to come..

see our time in sonoma square here.


  1. Oh, wow! That spa and that hotel look AMAZING!! What a wonderful way to wind down from the holidays! Happy New Year!
    Amy @

    1. it really was the best way to wind down-- perfect christmas present to each other!

  2. Amazing pictures! Makes me miss home :)

    1. ahh i love it there so much! are you from right in sonoma?

  3. Oh my - Do I want to relax there!! That spa sounds and looks amazing and you room - stunning!! That will most certainly be on my list of places to visit!

  4. this looks like an amazing trip! so relaxing and beautiful. i could really use a vacation like this...asap!

  5. This looks absolutely dreamy. Also, we just picked up some of those soda's from Dan's last night try while my brother was visiting us. I'm so glad you are giving me so many great ideas of places to explore!! :)

    1. you'll love them! yes-- the bay is the best! so happy you'll be out here!

  6. I have never been to California before! These photos are lovely, you look gorgeous, and this looks like the most wonderful time :) I'm glad you two love birds enjoyed this! xo

    1. you are too sweet! you have to come to california, it's the best! (i'm biased but i promise!)

  7. Is this real life?! I'm drooling over every single picture. So gorgeous.

    1. that is the same question i was asking myself!!

  8. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!


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