Sunday, January 19, 2014

SF de young museum

the new year has helped motivate us to get back to checking 
off items on our bay area bucket list...when we go home to
visit for the holidays, we come back to california and realize
how lucky we are to be living here.. + that we have to take 
advantage of it! we hang out in golden gate park often, 
but somehow had never taken the time to stop into the 
de young museum.
when we are in the park we're usually there to 
go for a run or get our favorite twirl & dip ice cream. 
 so, we finally set aside an afternoon to explore this
place and it was a good choice--it's beautiful! i love that this 
museum is set inside the park, and the very best part 
is the if you don't have time to take in 
the entire museum, the tower is FREE and you can
go up and take in the gorgeous views of the city. aaanyway 
enough rambling, onto the museum! ps thank you 
husband, for being willing to go to museums & peruse art 
with me. you're such a gentleman and i love these dates!
^^ views from the tower.
^^ typical chase-- making friends with guides
everywhere he goes. he always wants to learn
and know as much as possible!
^^ bvlgari exhibit was a dream!
no pictures allowed in there, but 
basically the most beautiful jewels
you can imagine. gorgeous!
taking in more pretty views. there's nothing better
than a city museum with amazing views included...
just like the NYC MET and the pompideu in paris.
look closely, you can see 
d e  y o u n g 
etched in the wall.
while we were at it, we drove to the other side of gg park
to see the bison finally. yes, there are bison in golden
gate park right in the city. so weird but kind of worth
seeing! just another item on the bucket list.


  1. I am in love with that bubblegum painting!

  2. Love the De Young! Went there to see Bulgari with girlfriends for my birthday. Also check out the Legion of Honor, D joined me to see the Impressionists on the Water exhibit plu great views and there is a golf course right there too. We got the membership and it includes both museums.


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