Wednesday, January 8, 2014


during our stay in sonoma last week, we
stopped through napa to explore.
these two towns are so close
and always associated, but very
different in style. they do both
have great food though!
we only explored for a day,
but made plans to come back
and focus more on napa
next time. we did find one
favorite restaurant,
grace's table.
we loved oxbow
market + all
the cute shops, and
the sunny streets.
we'll be back 
soon, napa!
^^ i guess this is the facial expression
i come up with when i'm starving.
luckily we ate {a lot} right after!
^^ we tried out the most delicious
restaurant, grace's table. don't you love
the name? there are so many different kinds
of food on the menu, and everything is so fresh.
the chef came down and talked to us, and we loved
getting to know him. he has his own garden and 
makes everything so fresh. we tried the iron skillet
cornbread with lavender honey butter---one of my 
favorite things i've tried! that honey
^^ beet + avocado salad.
the best, freshest flavors.
even chase was raving 
about this salad!
handmade tamales. 
we are STILL FULL!
^^ we didn't have time to try this place,
but we set up a time to come back the next
time we visit this spring..napa has so much
to offer, and since we did more of sonoma
this visit we can't wait to go back to napa! 

thanks to grace's table for setting the bar
high for our next foodie visit to napa!


  1. what a fun mini trip! the woman's expression behind you makes me giggle :)

    1. hahaha! didn't even notice that the first time. candid!

  2. We went to napa/sanoma for a day trip and spent more time in sanoma - so we are similarly looking to focus more Napa the next time around!! Can't wait to try out some of those places!!

    1. love that! yes, both are so great so we'll need to do more of napa soon-- let's time it so we're there at the same time next :) xo

  3. so i know that your blog is travel centered, but i was thinking as i looked at your cute yellow blouse that you should do a fashion/clothes post sometime :) tell us about your fav clothing shops and such. just an idea! xo

    1. haha you're so cute-- i would be so bad at that! but maybe one of these days. hope you guys + baby are doing well! xo

  4. Such amazing foods! I loved visiting Sonoma because of the smaller feel as compared to Napa. Can't wait to go back!

    1. i agree- sonoma feels so much more laid back but both have charms! xo

  5. It looks so gloriously sunny in that first photo, I love it! :)

    1. ahh it was! especially compared to our ski trip in salt lake city right before, the sun felt amazing!

  6. Looks amazing! I love how you take different angles with your pictures. Definitely bookmarked this for later travels :)

    1. you're so nice! yes-- definitely keep this on your travel list! xo

  7. grace's table is. soooo. good!!! glad you were able to enjoy such a great visit!

    xo mk


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