Friday, January 24, 2014

healthy eating in january

january always seems to have a focus on healthier eating 
right after the new year..although we definitely didn't focus 
on healthy eating at the start of the year in sonoma,
we enjoyed and came back with a renewed desire 
to cleanse our bodies and feel good this month!
the only problem is how busy we are 
{and right now feeling even more than usual...}
with both of us working full time, + my last semester 
of grad school & TFA + managing apartments, 
having visitors and having adventures, it can feel 
hard to have time to shop for and cook healthy food.
luke's local came to my rescue when we first 
got back in town by delivering fresh, delicious meals 
to our door so that we had healthy food without even 
having to think about it. i was so impressed with
them, because you're getting local, healthy, organic
meals all at once. it felt so good to stock the fridge
not just with groceries, but meals ready to eat all
week long. it truly saved me and we both loved them!
the meals come ice-packed so they
can be delivered when you're not home.
^^ that breakfast burrito .... the best!
^^ they even partner with sow juice,
one of our favorites! yum.
^^ i took these to work and loved 
the flavor combo...kale, apple,
butternut squash, chicken, poppyseed 
dressing. all the good stuff.
the fish meal--grilled california walu with 
coconut curry + rice + squash-- was 
probably my favorite thing in the box.
the great thing with luke's local is that some
items are staples {like the kale salad} but other
meals change each week-- so there are always options!
aside from luke's, we also tried some amazing
how to make healthy thai food, and agreed to do
a juice cleanse together at the end of this month
as part of our 2014 new years resolutions. eek!
we also ordered this all-natural {delicious} pb
from peanut butter & co. to indulge 
ourselves with the healthiest, best pb possible!

here's the thing. 
food should not be a source of stress.
it's important to put good things into
our bodies, but not obsess over it.
we've adopted the 80/20
80% good stuff, leave 20% for
the treats :) nothing extreme!

here's to feeling good + being balanced,
and still treating ourselves in 2014.


  1. That all looks so good!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. Very neat... and so easy to follow! I need to get back into healthy eating and working out after the new year!

  3. Oh wow this all looks amazing!

  4. This looks/sounds so yummy! It's great that you have this healthy eating option where your food can be delivered to you. Sounds perfect because cooking can be so consuming sometimes lol, and I agreed with what you said about balance, it's why God created cheat days haha

    1. i know-- i agree! and yes, this makes it so nice since i am feeling way too overwhelmed right now to be cooking a lot! (even though i miss it right now!)

  5. This is an amazing idea!!! It would be SO helpful with three kids. I wonder if they deliver all the way to Monterey.

  6. Luke's looks so convenient and delicious. Peanutbutter and Co. pb is the best! I love making whole wheat toast, bananas, and Peanutbutter and Co. Bee's Knees :)

  7. Yum! I wish I could get fresh, healthy delivered food sent to my door every day! How awesome!

  8. would love to find something like this in LA! Looks amazing!

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  10. Although we definitely didn't focus on healthy eating at the start of the year in sonoma,we enjoyed and came back with a renewed desire to cleanse our bodies and feel good this month! my blog


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