Wednesday, January 22, 2014

juicing at the ferry building

on our fun bike adventure with our friends in town,
we obviously had to stop at our favorite spot: the ferry building.
i could live at this place and get my weekly sweet potatoes + 
kale + eggs + brussels sprouts + macarons + ice cream + fruit... get the picture. it's the best of the best when it
comes to food, and always such a happy, fun place to be.
it is our saturday san francisco tradition.
now we love it even more since we've discovered sōw 
juice. they set up shop outside every thursday + saturday
and make juices to order...right there, on the spot. it's 
liquid gold. and their flavors are to die for. we've 
been thinking of doing a juice cleanse, and 
although sōw doesn't offer cleanses, their 
pressed juices were so good they made us feel 
confident that maybe we can live off juice 
for 3 days..we'll see. thanks luisa!
fun to sample + choose our favorite
flavors with tay & meg. i think the
boys liked archetype flavor best,
we loved all of them too much to decide!
^^ fresh juicing right on sight. nothing better!
after filling up on liquid gold, {you seriously feel
so good after drinking this stuff} we walked 
around the ferry market for more goodness.
we love you, san francisco.
we love you, visitors.
we love you, sōw juice.
we love you, ferry building.


  1. Love the SF ferry building! That's where we took our engagement photos! :)

  2. Y'all do the most fun things! That red-orange juice looks amazing!

  3. those juices look delicious!!I did a one-day juice cleanse and it was ok, Its hard to maintain a workout schedule eating just juice though!


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