Friday, January 3, 2014

starting the year off right

here's how to start a new year:
ease into it mid-week,
go to sonoma for some 
sun and relaxation, eat the 
very best food, hot tub,
spa, have too much pizza,
and spend quality time with
husband. i think i like you,
we discovered the best pizza spot in sonoma...
the red grape. this place is casual, so you
might not expect the amazing pizza that they serve.
that's why we're here to tell you about it!
it is "new haven style" which i hadn't heard of,
but it is an extra thin crust that is flaky and delicious.
we tried one whole wheat and one white crust, both were
amazing {i loved the whole wheat}. chef todd thompson
made us his choices of the mediterranean pizza and
the bbq chicken pizza. this was no everyday pizza..
the flavors are so fresh, delicious, and the crust makes
it that much more unique. the restaurant is so casual 
and comfortable, just like the rest of sonoma.
everyone is so nice and accommodating, we loved it!
the chef also brought us out a meat + cheese
sampler along with some onion rings made
with truffles...only in sonoma can they make
onion rings fancy! chase loved these.
thanks, red grape for a fabulous first meal
in sonoma. {our guide to sonoma will be
coming soon with all of our favorites!}
after eating wayyyy too much pizza
we explored sonoma square. it is one of
my favorite little town squares ever, because
it has so much history but also has
incredible restaurants and darling shops.
it offers so much and is so laid back and charming.
^^seeing the old barracks.
he is a history buff, that husband of mine.
^^ the famous swiss hotel
so many classy shops and galleries
^^ more on this later. 
no words can do it justice.
a pony casually strolling the 
sidewalk with her owner! we
fell in love with her, her name was
peanut butter. i mean, come on!!
old movie theatres = his very favorite thing.
so of course we had to see a show!
these were too cute and represented
sonoma i definitely 
stocked up on some gifts!
sonoma, you are a dream.
i may or may not have seen my
husband looking at some property
prices up here...if only! 
lots more to come.


  1. I love Sonoma! It's such a beautiful place. :)

  2. i've never been to sonama but it looks gorgeous!
    and that pizza looks so good, you can never have too much pizza!
    also, i'm wondering what's your favorite place to get pizza in the city?

    1. you guys need to come to sonoma!! amazing. in the city for pizza we love delfina & little star...there's also a walk up place in little italy we always go to, i can't remember the name but i'll think of it and send to you! xo

  3. Oh my god that food looks amazing!
    What lovely pics:)

  4. Aw, that "Olive You" onesie is so cute!

  5. That pizza and onesie alone are worth the trip! Great

  6. ....great photos. Don't look at property there. Come to UT

  7. oh, my hometown! I worked at that theatre! I'll be back in Sonoma on the 9th (meaning I'll be back in the Bay for some South Africa talk!)

    1. yay! email me, dying to talk SA and travel and everything else!

  8. Aw! Home! :) Looks like you had a great time!

  9. We are headed to Napa in April....obviously we will now be checking out Sonoma!

    1. yes you have to! it is so charming. we visited napa too and loved it, so a post is coming your way..but we are planning to go back and do more of napa in april as well! maybe we'll bump into you :)

  10. looks like so much fun!
    happy new year!

  11. I lived in Northern California for about four years and really never did explore the area. I love all these pictures and it seems like a fabulous way to start the year!

  12. Sonoma is wonderful but the real Sonoma County gems are in Healdsburg (in my opinion!). I lived in Sonoma County for 6 years, and now in SF. Trust me, you won't forget going off the path a bit & seeing the town square in Healdsburg!

    1. so good to know! we had never been at all, so we decided to stick to sonoma and napa this time...but realized there were SO many places to try next time-- so i'll add healdsburg to the list! XO

  13. my hometown!! you're making me homesick! glad you hit up so many of my favorite spots: the red grape, cheese factory, girl and the fig, mary's. so so good.

    i never knew how special that town was until i left and now i realize how absolutely great it is. one of my favorite things to do when it is warm out is take my cruiser from my house, along the bike path, down the the square and grabbing lunch!

    hope you have a chance to go back again!

    xo mk

  14. My Home town!! We love living in Sonoma and it is such a special place...thanks for sharing it:)


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