Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year!

we ended the year on a high note...literally! 
we went to our favorite ski resort alta 
and spent the day skiing in a pretty snowstorm. 
we stayed at the lodge late to watch the torchlight parade 
down the mountain, and then got dinner at 
porcupine grill, one of our favorite places in SLC. 
we ended the night with my family and went up neff's canyon 
to sled in the moonlight -- pretty memorable! 
^^ my mom in her happy place. can you tell?
we skied hard all day, and then it was time
for the torchlight new year's eve ski parade!
this is what the torchlight parade looks like at alta...
hundreds of skiers go up with torches and ski down!
my parents did it, and we hung back to watch.
fish tacos, salad, and pizza from one of 
our favorite spots, porcupine grill.
it was the perfect way to ring in the new year.

this morning we went down to my brother's
to have my sister in law's famous belgian waffles
{the authentic kind} with fresh cream and fruit.

love these 3.
i already love 2014...except for the goodbyes
that came after this breakfast. we are currently
en route back to california, but luckily we
have a relaxing getaway the next few days 
before we get back to work. happy new year!
yay 2014!

ps see our recap of 2013 here.

and see all of our fun over the holidays here:
our snowy welcome home, christmas eve with my
family, christmas day with chase's family, our
little ski vacay to deer valley, and all the
activities in between. whew! what a visit.


  1. Your photos are beautiful and I'm so jealous of all that snow (and the waffles).

  2. The place is lovely... What a great start for 2014 :)

  3. Beautiful amazing trip! I have a friend moving to SLC and I can't wait to go out there and go skiing!

    1. how fun!! yep it's a great place to visit! email me before you go so i can send you to our very favorites! xo

  4. Oh my those fireworks over the mountain.....insanely gorgeous! What a fabulous trip!!!

  5. Happy New Year Emi! Skiiing and fireworks sounds like a beautiful way to ring in the New Year. Can't wait to hear about the getaway :)

    The Indie Byline

  6. Okay how did I not know about this?! That looks amazing. I am going to have to go someday. Also, those waffles look amazing. Makes me want to go to Bruges to get a Waffle Monster! Yum!

    1. yes they taste just like bruges! YAY to the news today!! :)

  7. the torch light parade looks like so much fun! i want to do it next year! & i love porcupine so much, good choice! happy new year :)

  8. Where did your brother get those sweet pictures by his dining table? I love them!

    1. i know they are the cutest! my sis in law had the cute calendar from rifle paper co. and framed all the pages!! xo

  9. You New Year's alone is making me want to try skiing again!! It just looks so beautiful and looks like you had a wonderful time with you family. Totally understand how hard it is to say bye after a wonderful trip!! Happy 2014!!

  10. Happy new year! that one picture of the fireworks and snow is amazing! xo


  11. Sledding in the moonlight sounds magical! What an amazing way to kick off the New Year x

  12. Looks like such a blast! Love that first pic of you two!

  13. The picture of the torch light parade looks amazing! I wish we had ski resorts in the UK to escape to every once in a while...

    Kam | A Married Couple & Their Travels

  14. Goodbyes are the worst! We miss you! I love the torch pictures. And loved having you over for waffles!

  15. Goodbyes are the worst! We miss you! I love the torch pictures. And loved having you over for waffles!

  16. happy new year, emi!! thanks for linking up with Treat Yo Self Thursday!


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