Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the girl & the fig

food lovers, prepare yourselves.
this is a place that should be on every person's 
bucket list to eat one day...i am assuming all of you
have a separate bucket list just for food like i do. if not, 
make one immediately and put this place at #1.
the girl & the fig in sonoma is described as "country 
food with a french passion," and that's exactly what 
it is. as a french girl at heart, i knew i'd like this place.
turns out i was wrong..i fell in LOVE with it!
^^ the cheese plate to start. our waiter brian
chose the perfect cheese combinations and told
us exactly how to pair each bite. perfection! 
the best radishes that our waiter himself helped
pick that morning from the restaurant's garden...
so fresh, wow. this is how every restaurant should be.
roasted brussels sprouts. favorite!
brian brought these out without us even 
asking. it's like he was a food mind-reader.
^^ sounds crazy, but this fig arugula salad was one 
of our very favorite things. the combination of flavors
was indescribable. so unique and we have since craved it!
*this is the one item that has never changed from the
menu since the restaurant was founded. because it's
truly "country food," the menu changes based off
what's in season and what's growing in the garden.
this salad never changes, and you can see why!
^^ wild mushroom ravioli...with mushrooms
grown locally. no words can do it justice!
the freshest cod. cooked perfectly,
so light, so fresh tasting. mmmm!
duck confit. the farro alone made this
dish to die for. looking back, i really don't
know how we were able to eat all of this food.
i guess it was just that good!
they brought us the best drinks we
have ever tasted. because we don't drink wine,
we were planning on just water...we didn't know
we were in for a treat! once again, brian outdid
himself by pairing the perfect flavored drinks with
each entrée. virgin pimm's was the best!
it's easy to see why people love this place.
the night after this meal we were at an event
in san francisco and told someone we had just eaten
at the girl & the fig. he said he had been trying to get
in there forever, & had always wanted to try it. so
don't just take our word for it! this place is famous!
our waiter asked if we were too full for dessert.
the answer to that is always NO. no matter how 
full you might be, always save room for dessert!
^^ happy place.
^^ bathroom doors. you have to love a
nice place that also has a sense of humor!
 lavender crème brûlée. let me just say that again.. 
lavender crème brûlée.
 ^^ i can't even look at this 
picture without drooling.
the best waiter ever!
brian took such great care 
of us and knew exactly what
we would love. he nailed it!
jason, the manager became our instant friend
throughout the night. he was so nice from
the second we arrived and we chatted his ear off.
we couldn't be more impressed with the "fig family!"
thanks to sondra and everyone for
our favorite dinner of 2014!

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  1. Umm....wow. This has made my mouth water. I wonder if there is something similar to this in the UK! Love your outfit also x

    1. thank you! and yes, this place is mouthwatering. find a similar place in the UK so i can come when i visit next!!

  2. Oh my Lord that looks amazing! We're thinking of heading to Sonoma for our anniversary in May. This place will definitely be on the list.

    1. yes you definitely need to go here!!
      we will be making a whole guide to sonoma, so you'll have that before you go too!
      perfect anniversary spot :)

  3. this place looks amazing! everything is mouth watering, drool.. and dessert, oh my! always room<3

    xx Cait @pieceofcait.wordpress.com

  4. Wow - that ravioli just looks amazing!

  5. Everything looks delicious! Glad you had such a great time!

  6. This looks so good! You guys got to go to, and eat at some amazing places!

  7. all i want in 2014 is those desserts.

    1. haha proof we are kindred spirits when it comes to dessert.


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