Wednesday, September 3, 2014

boston restaurant review: bostonia public house

 we couldn't stop through boston without
scoping out some great new food spots!
new england food is so good, and there are a lot of
great, classic spots to hit {i'll mention these in our
guide to boston soon...} but we wanted to make sure
to try out one of boston's newest restaurants this time:
this place is everything good about eating out, all wrapped
up into one. it's old meets new with the historic building
and stylish decor. it has classic new england food with just
the slightest modern take. it has live music and one of
the best atmospheres i've dined in. and, it has homemade
doughnuts that will change your life...just saying :)
this restaurant definitely feels like boston and 
it's a really fun place to eat out whether you're 
visiting or you live here! i'd call it a "hot spot." :)

^^ live piano by the bar = the best vibe.
we were recommended to try their famous scallops, 
so we ordered them as an appetizer size. 
they were as good and fresh as they look here.

 the tuna tartare. not something i'd normally order,
but the chef sent it out and i am so glad he did.
i forgot how FRESH all fish tastes in new england!
 and the first lobster roll of many this trip. this one 
was done just right in my book -- toasted brioche roll, 
warm buttery lobster and no mayonnaise. i savored
every. single. bite. my mouth is watering for one now!
let's not forget the fries! perfect complement to the roll.
^^ safe to say i ordered well.
lastly, you have to -- HAVE TO try their crab crusted cod.
it's their most famous dish with good reason.
^^ this is the face of a guy who liked his meal.
 and here are those doughnuts i mentioned..
after an almost perfect meal, i didn't think it
could get better, until they brought us their 
homemade sweet potato doughnut holes.
in case you're wondering if they were good,
i'll fly back to boston right now for one of these.
 after this delicious first dinner in boston,
we walked down to the harbor to catch our ferry
to go stay in cape cod. talk about a good day! 

and then we were off to cape cod.
thanks for having us, bostonia.
boston is lucky to have you!


  1. I'm so ashamed to admit I haven't been to Bostonia yet - but it's on my list!!

    1. you'll LOVE it! i thought of you while there and how you need to try it! :)

  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip! The tuna tartare looks incredible. And sweet potato donuts? Those look glazed to perfection. I'll definitely pencil this in to our next trip to Boston.

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Rachel

  3. Awww have so much fun!! Boston and Cape Cod are gorgeous this time of year. I used to live out there and it would be so fun to go back for a visit one of these days. Can't wait to see more pics! :-)

    1. can't believe you lived out there! it's AMAZING.

  4. SO, I'm in love with that adorable pink jacket. Can you share where it's from?

    1. thank you dear!! i got it a few years ago at a boutique in DC, :( sorry!! i'll let you know if i find anything similar.

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