Sunday, September 7, 2014

cape cod by bike

a day of biking through cape cod was 
only made better by packing a picnic 
and beaching it along the way. the 
best bike shop in provincetown is 
gale force bikes, because they provide 
you with all of this in one stop! they 
have the best sandwich shop built 
right into the bike shop, and they 
send you on a great cape cod ride 
through the dunes stopping at
beaches on the way. they provided 
us with the ideal day and we'll 
be back here again and again! 
^^ even this bike shop has the cute feel of 
all the new england homes we saw here.
the sandwiches have clever bike names:
"the tandem," "the unicycle", "the 3-wheeler", 
"the fixie", "the beach cruiser," etc. i love it.
this scenery, can you handle it?
i couldn't believe how much cape cod
looked like how i had pictured. classic!
one of our first tastes of the beach
all summer long, since it's been the
usual foggy chilly summer in SF.
but, our indian summer is just 
starting, so this kicked it off!
the scenery went from the beautiful beach 
paths to these gorgeous tree-lined paths.

love this scene!

picnic time on the beach!

the bike shop packed us with "the cape codder"
and "the tandem," two of the best sandwiches!
i loved having the cape codder on the beach in
cape cod! turkey cranberry wrap, yum.

the tandem with turkey, bacon & avocado.
the beach market sent us with an ideal picnic!

very very true.
you take a 2 hour ferry from boston
and you're in another world entirely.

if you go to provincetown, don't miss 
the chance to bike + beach + picnic
from this great bike shop we loved!



  1. Oh my goodness, Cape Cod is now on our travel list!! That scenery is amazing. And biking, beach and picnic are all my favorite things!

  2. Hi Emi! I started reading your blog a few months ago as my husband and I were planning our California vacation, and I've been reading ever since. We were in San Francisco for a few days at the end of August and did so many fun things we would have never known about if it weren't for you. We loved Off the Grid and Farm: Table. We even did the Emperor Norton tour. Thanks for all of the tips.

    Glad to see you had fun in Cape Cod, now I want to travel there!


  3. You know I love the West Coast, but the East Coast during the summer is amazing!!

  4. That beach looks like an absolute dream. And those sandwiches.... drool.

  5. what a fun day! You guys always do amazing things together- i love that!!

  6. beach bike and a picnic- what a trio! as always- love the pictures!

  7. You are always going to the most DARLING PLACES EVERRRRR! How have I not looked at your blog for so long? I need to be on the email list stat.

  8. So glad you shared this! I am going to Cape Cod in a few weeks with my family and husband for weekend getaway.


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