Friday, September 5, 2014

cape cod hotel review •• anchor inn beach house

we've been excited to stay at the
for a long time after talking to the
owners almost a year ago and seeing
how beautiful the property was. i 
dreamt of it! i can easily say that it 
was one of my favorite places i've
stayed, and waking up in this perfect
place to a view of cape cod was one
of the moments where i think ---
THIS is why i travel. it was heavenly.
waking up to this view made me giddy!!!!!!
how much more cape cod can you get?
welcome to the most charming hotel on earth!
this place... GORGEOUS! 
everything that bed & breakfast dreams are made of.
the best best best part of this place
is in the above picture...ginger the dog!
i was so in love with her and the chocolate
lab, molly. they both live at the inn and 
greet you when you come back every time.
ginger reminded me of my kona, and she
was maybe my favorite part of the place
(of the many things to love about it :)
entry to our room, where i wanted to move on in 
and stay forever. also --  those striped blue walls!
^^ loveliest room with all that light.
really, you should have seen how happy
happy happy i was. i could not stop smiling
and telling chase how much i loved this place!
i spy my favorite travel companion..

even the bathroom is perfect. 
that tile, and those light blue walls...

views of the cute town + pier too ^^

i could have relaxed on our room's deck all day.

we both could have..

but we did venture out all day every day,

to the beach, to the town, on bikes,
to eat, to explore, etc. etc. etc.
{see some of p-town here, and 
more posts are on the way}

 more time with ginger pup, loved her!
and, the early morning light from our porch..aahh!
we adored this bed & breakfast and it 
was the perfect cape cod getaway.
please go enjoy the views, the classic
feel, the great owners, the cute dogs,
& the overall best experience. go stay here,
it was one of my favorite vacation spots!



  1. As always, this place looks amazing. You certainly have an eye for finding great spots.

    1. you're so nice! this place was a dream, one of my favorites!

  2. Oh my word this place looks like a DREAM! Definitely going on the bucket list for my husband and I. And as always, you look as beautiful as ever! The east coast looks good on you! :)

    1. you're officially the sweetest person.
      i hope you add this to your bucket list! :)

  3. This place is precious! Majorly jealous!



  4. This place looks heavenly! I have always wanted to stay at a B&B and still haven't. I definitely need to fix that someday.

  5. Your posts are always my favourite! You take such beautiful photos.

    1. you're so sweet! it was easy to photograph because it was so gorgeous!


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