Friday, September 26, 2014

new nob hill apartment

i can't believe we've lived in our new apartment 
for 4 months and i haven't posted about it ...
i guess we are just loving it too much here
to get around to taking too many pictures of it!

 i think this is my favorite place that we've lived
out here in the bay. we love the location, the
hardwood floors, the charm, the windows,
the big kitchen, the light, the trolley bell...
all of it! if you remember from this post,
we have darling roommates..another couple
that we split our big place with so that we're
not paying $4,000 a month! (SF rent is a 
little bit crazy and you know i'd rather have
my $$$ go toward travel! :) anyway, you
can see the back story on all of that here,
but here are a few pictures of our place.
i tried to convince chase + becca + joe to
film our own version of "MTV's cribs" in
our apartment, but they haven't giving into
my demands quite yet...haha i will keep 
trying to convince them, because i know it
would be hilarious -- so watch for it! :)

^^ view from our street, never gets old
this neighborhood...

^^ here's how it looked on move-in day.
i love that it had just been completely re-done,
and the light bouncing off those fresh new hardwood
floors sealed the deal. i knew we had to live here!

^^ before + after of the living room

^^ the kind of things that i come home to...
joe & chase learning how to do the rubik cube! 
haha these two love solving any problem. we also
watch a new show probably every night all together,
and go to bob's donuts way too often. love our roomies!

part of our bedroom the day we moved in -- tiny, but perfect.
you can see we had to get clever and build an extra little
closet unit on the wall, because the one closet (you can't see it
in the photo) wasn't quite cutting it. i did downsize my closet
A LOT though for our last move to a studio, so i'm feeling proud
of myself! * also not pictured: our giant windows across from the 
bed! ** also not pictured: our BIKES we have to creatively store 
in here :) city living i tell you! have to use every inch of space!
^^ our kitchen! it feels SO spacious after
the tiny studio one, so yay for that.
^^ the bathroom is separated into two rooms
which is perfect with roomies! i love the
cute new tiled floor even though it's teensy!

we love being at the top of nob hill,
and it has quickly turned into my
favorite neighborhood. the views, the
history, the hotels, grace cathedral, 
{pictured above}...the trader joe's 1/2
block away, the bakeries, the thai places,
the trolley, the people, it's a good place to be.

^^ here's a pic from the 4th of july with joe & becca,
cutest roomies to have! somehow we have none together
in the apartment, always too busy chatting, watching movies,
or cooking together to take them i guess!
^^ and here they are again. too cute for
their own good. i wish you could meet them!
joe cooks the best pasta in this world
(he is italian after all...) and becca is the
sweetest person on earth. we lucked out!

the best day is when we discovered the rooftop!
that layer of fog is covering up the golden gate bridge
{haha of course}..but on a clear day you can see it!

^^ a little better picture from our rooftop
taken by our photographer friend :)

so there you have it! a few pictures of our 
apartment & neighborhood that we adore.
we've moved a few times in our few years
of marriage, but we keep it exciting! :)
it has helped us be flexible, downsize,
and appreciate space. i get so many emails
asking how to find affordable housing in
SF, and our current situation is my favorite!
we get a dreamy apartment AND friends to
share it with, for half the price! sorry that all
of these photos were from my iphone, but
we've just been enjoying the space too much
to document it properly. maybe before we
move out one day...but for now, this will do!

if i've learned one thing through all these moves,
it's so important to love where you live.

see our moving day here, our tiny studio
here, the apartment we MANAGED here,
and our first apartment in the bay here...
where we started our life, met our best friends, 
and signed our first lease after a summer 
of free rent in LA! our apartments have been 
good to us and become part of us. 
here's to our current (and favorite) one!


  1. it is beautiful! And also fantastic that you are sharing so you can have more travel adventures! SO fun!

  2. I don't think my husband would ever be okay with having married roomies. Sounds fun though :)

    1. haha-- i know, we are a little crazy but it is so fun! and lots of people out here do it with these crazy prices. it works for us but lots of our friends + family are like...whaaaat? haha xoxo

    2. Also, I just picked up the book, "how google works" because one of our founders worked there for 10 years and loves the authors. It was just published this week. He purchased 800 copies. haha

    3. yes! we just got it too! can't wait to read it! so funny that your founder bought 800 copies, haha LOVE it. we'll have to have our own little book club on what we think of it!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I guess thats what good friends do? Our work is a lot like google because of how much he loved working there haha Yes PLEASE :) also Emi, I've wanted your email to ask you about your group on trip to china but couldn't find it anywhere.

    6. it's welltraveledwife @ gmail!

  3. haha-- i know, we are a little crazy but it is so fun! and lots of people out here do it with these crazy prices. it works for us but lots of our friends + family are like...whaaaat? haha xoxo

  4. Rent in SF is so crazy! It makes me feel better about DC (even though it's still crazy.) I love your new apartment, it has so much natural light which I love. I feel like I recognize Becca, did she grow up dancing by chance? Looks like a great set up.

    1. yes DC is still high but at least not as bad as out here! :)
      i miss our DC apartment haha!
      becca is from north carolina but lived in utah when she was young, i'll have to ask if she danced there! xoxoxo

  5. so cute and charming! Did you know your roommates beforehand? If not I want to hear how that all went down. Also, how was the commute been? It's probably nice to be able to do it together sometimes! Tim is working out of SF and luckily he has a shuttle as well but the commute is still brutal. We are definitely considering out options!

    1. come over soon!! our best family friends are related to becca, so we met and it all came together and was meant to be! super lucky, this wouldn't work in too many other situations haha but we love it! ahhh the commute can be rough, the shuttle saves me because i can work on it and it's nice to go together or work out of SF sometimes!

  6. Every time you post parts of your life living in SF you make me want to pick up everything and move there!! Love reading your darling blog!

  7. So cute!! And that view! Amazing!

  8. Oh my goodness those floors are gorgeous!!

  9. so cute, i seriously tell my husband probably waaay too often that i think it would be SO fun to have married roommates, so you're kinda living my dream :)

  10. I felt I knew what it looked like, but this was amazing. I feel like I was walking through the halls. The views of the city is the best part. I love the feel of Nob Hill and you there!! Love, Mom

  11. Gorgeous apartment! It looks like you really are enjoying it and your new neighborhood. xo

  12. it's beautiful! i'm especially jealous of that view. you guys are so brave to have another couple for roommates. what we do to live in the bay!


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