Monday, September 22, 2014

well-traveled wife APP!

is live in the app store!
you can download it (for freeeee) 
and follow along on all blog posts
if you'd like. the point of this is
not just for you to have an update
on all of the blog posts -- the goal
is to get all of my travel guides +
favorite recipes linked into the app
so they can be accessed anywhere ...
even offline when you're traveling!
but for now, it just has the basics--
the posts update in the app when
they publish on the site. you can
check it out, but there will be more
updates soon so it's more useful :)
exciting! thanks DWNLD media!

 exciting message to get:



  1. Congratulations on the app, such a great idea!

  2. what a fantastic idea to have them on an app and accessible offline while traveling! Congrats!

  3. This is just the coolest! I will have to check this out!

  4. how cool & exciting! congrats on your app :)

  5. This is so exciting! Congrats on the app, I'm looking forward to some travel guides for my adventures! :)
    Katelyn // Relatively Offbeat


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