Sunday, September 21, 2014

sunday notes

dear apartment, i love it when the sunlight sneaks through the shutters and makes our bedroom twinkle. i love your hardwood floors and all-white everything. i love your location and i love the trolley bell out the window. 

dear fall, you know i love you --- but our san francisco indian summer is just beginning --- so my mind is a little confused and caught between seasons! forgive me if i'm not 100% into you yet.

dear spin class, chase and i are getting a little bit obsessed with you in the morning before work...good thing you are at our work and we can go together!

dear olive oil + bread + balsamic, you are my staple. {extra balsamic, please}

dear new playlist, i was in big-time need of you. thanks for helping me shift into fall.

dear ghirardelli cookies, just yes.

dear family, i am missing you. lots.

dear mount tamalpais, thanks for letting us escape the city for the mountains last week. much needed!

dear laundry, am i the only one who pours double the detergent into each load because i love clean laundry smell?

dear skymiles, we are racking you up. i love nothing more than seeing more of you pop up in my account... thanks to amex's bonus last week!

dear watermelon lemonade, i think you were my favorite part of summer.

dear husband, sorry that sometimes i sneak some of your cologne and spray it on me for the lasts longer than perfume and sometimes smells better! shhh!

dear meg, thanks for getting ENGAGED and making it so now i have a reason to come visit SLC before christmas!!!

dear football, thank you so much for being back. you represent memories, college, my family, season tickets growing up, friends, the muss, nostalgia, fall, excitement, tailgating, band music, the best food, and the ultimate pastime. i LOVE having you on (and love that our utes are 3-0!)

dear apple products, you all have the same smell when you're brand new and it's my favorite.

dear dreams, i've been having soooo many of you lately! like, multiple very in-depth dreams per night. what do they all mean?! i need a dream journal.

dear kona, still missing you, sweet pup. every dog i see makes me think of you!

dear car, i haven't driven one of you in 3 months. i don't miss it at all. 

dear future, we've been thinking about you nonstop lately and it's exciting, but reminds me to so enjoy our present before it changes!



  1. This is so sweet! Sounds like things are going so well :)

  2. I pour in double (sometimes triple!!) the laundry detergent too! If my whole life could smell like clean laundry I wouldn't be mad. :)

  3. such a cute post! (: I might have to do something like this

  4. I am glad you miss family...but I miss you all more. What a sweet post. Great reflections and they are so much about living in the heart of each day..with the things that matter most. Love you darling daughter.

  5. Yes, you are spot on with the new smell of apple products! I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who thinks this!

  6. I am so glad football is back on too! My sis and her family live in Pittsburgh right now and they actually drove 4 hrs this last weekend to michigan to go to the U game. In the rain! They loved it. And I loved watching it on tv :)

  7. I went to my first Ute game a few weeks ago! Talk about culture shock for this new england gal :)

  8. Great post idea! I love your last comment, living in the present, such a good reminder!


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