Saturday, September 6, 2014

new england done right : fish, fish, & more fish

when in new england, you better eat fish!
i know we live in san francisco right on the
coast, but i swear there's something different
about that new england fish. it is truly so 
noticeably fresh and i think we had fish for
every meal! i would have been disappointed
if we had done it any other way.
cape cod can be a pricey place, but you
can find really great food for less $$!
although we loved trying all different 
places in provincetown, we were glad 
to find the classic john's footlong shack
right on the pier with AMAZING food
for great prices! it was all classic fish,
clam chowder, lobster rolls, fries,
onion rings, & the best - fried dough.
these lobster rolls were done differently 
than the others we had tried so far. they
weren't as fancy, just done the traditional 
way -- toasted roll, fresh crab, crunchy
lettuce, and a bit of mayo... yum. i'm 
embarrassed how fast we ate them!
boxes of fried fish -- somehow it tastes
so much better when in cape cod!
^^here are old post cards of this
exact food shack from so long much history here!
^^boxes of straight happiness. fried cod, shrimp,
you name it! i don't love fried food, but it was
lightly battered with the freshest fish and tasted
so good after a long day of biking and beaching.
and, when in new england.....!
the owner mark told us all of the history of
 this little seaside food shack. it has been 
in provincetown forever, and it's
been a local favorite for a long time. 
so if you visit and want to skip the 
fancy food one night, come here and
you'll be full and happy! definitely don't 
miss the "fried dough" either way! 
{like a combination of a scone // 
doughnut // funnel cake but even better.}
those new englanders, they know what 
they're doing when it comes to food! 
and houses...and style... and scenery..

see darling provincetown here, and 
our favorite bed&breakfast here.



  1. my husband was born in new hampshire, and his dad still lives there. we love to visit..we LOVE new england! always something pretty to see or visit or eat ;) loving all your vacation posts, it's making me miss it!

  2. Emi!! How come I didn't know about this when I visited Cape Cod last year? Ha! I need to go back! I love little places that have so much history & are local. Great find & thanks for making me hungry ;).

  3. How do you happen to find the most delicious places?? Love it!


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