Monday, September 8, 2014


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let's talk about this new england island for a minute.
maybe a few minutes, or hours, days, weeks, months...
i could talk about it for the next year. it is one of my 
favorite places i've ever been, and although i love so
many places, some are just special. this is one of those. 
^^ we took the hy-line ferry over to the island
from hyannis (passed the kennedy estate on the 
way...) and i had no idea what was in store for me.
it is the most charming // american // relaxed //
beautiful // classy place i've ever been. it's a place
i want to summer every year. it's a place that feels
magic & like you're in an entirely different little world.
i really can't put it into words, so the pictures will
have to give you an idea. i'm not even sorry for all of
the photos, because i think they're a feast for the eyes!
those homes!!! ^^

^^ ultimate tourist in his new nantucket shirt.
we had to get nantucket goods right away --
 we already knew we loved it that much!

spent a little too much time + $$ in this place,
but got our christmas shopping done for the year!

i can't get over the cobblestone streets
that are still here. they can't be beat!

his favorite store in a new favorite place

every house here is this darling. i promise!

my favorite thing ever ... chocolate covered cranberries.
the nantucket treat! we brought a few of these home as
gifts and tried not to eat them all ourselves! cranberries
grow in new england, so there's lots of cranberry flair :)

 ^^ crantucket ice cream at the juice bar ice cream shop.
as in, homemade vanilla with those chocolate-covered
cranberries mentioned a homemade waffle cone!
the juice bar is THE ice cream place on nantucket.
funny name, because it started as a juice bar and then
they got smart and added ice cream too :) long line, but
so so good. the watermelon lemonade is from there too!
don't mind me, just finding new england dream homes.
it was real-life pinterest x 1000000.

fresh watermelon lemonade from the
nantucket juice bar was a favorite.
^^ strolling in pineapples + stripes
^^ also, EVERYONE here has either a white lab
or a golden retriever. i swear, it's uncanny. and it's 
the best. i was in heaven seeing all the cutest dogs!

^^ new nantucket threads...i guess all of the
preppy, well-dressed people rubbed off on him! :)

we obviously loved this classic lighthouse 
and took a few too many photos here 
while beaching by it. all-american!

i was so sad to leave that perfect island on the ferry...
i'm only smiling here because i know we'll be back!
i'm also smiling because i loved the ferry ride so i
couldn't be too sad to leave -- it was so nice and
added to the entire experience of visiting nantucket!
ferry riding back, thanks hy-line cruises!
still giddy on the ferry ride home from
discovering our fave new place.
we loved taking hy-line ferries over to nantucket.
they were on time, so nice, and the ride was
beautiful. we highly recommend them!
goodbye for now, nantucket!
you stole our hearts!

ps..the little orange icon in the lower right
corner was us in nantucket, so you can see
where it is compared to boston & the cape.
and to the left is martha's vineyard, where
we'll have to visit next time...we love
 this area so so much! thanks to our
friends becca & joe for recommending it
and making us so excited to visit!


  1. Okay, WHAAAAT is this perfect place?! I must visit Nantucket!!!

    1. that was my thought the entire time i was there. YOU MUST must MUST visit! :)

  2. What a charming place! Your adventures are making me want to visit the east coast so badly!

  3. This place is so cute!!!!! I didnt realize Nantucket was like that! I have to go someday!

  4. Oh my word I need to get here NOW!! It really is like a real life pinterest! What a dream! I loved every single picture and could have looked at a hundred more!!

  5. BUCKETLISTING nantucket ASAAAAP! Are you kidding me with this place?? I want to see more!!!! Those streets + homes!!! Can't wait to show jon when he wakes up! :)

    1. PLEASE go! we'll come with :)
      i can only imagine the photos you would take here!!!

      haha to showing jon when he wakes up, loved all your late night commenting! made my day. adore you!

  6. STOP! Those houses! Love, love, love! I need to visit that place. And cutest stripe pants too... where do I find myself a pair of those? :) xo

    1. i know! amazing!! you're so sweet, the pants are zara!


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