Friday, January 31, 2014

january and i get along better in california

dear january,
you've been so lovely.
you and i get along much better in california..
help me remember that!

between kicking you off by skiing at alta to ring in 2014,

to our lovely trip to sonoma + napa and staying in our favorite place ever...
to making brunch at focusing on new year's
taking a thai cooking class together and announcing my parent's big move...
to exploring gorgeous lands end and hiking down to sutro baths, and
falling more in love with the town of finally visiting the
SF de Young museum and then welcoming the strongs to town for a visit
and biking the city on a tandem with them.. to focusing on healthy eating,
to finding a new brunch juicing at the ferry building and 
ice skating in union finally hiking mount tamalpais
and a girls trip in las's been a golden month! 
if this is how the rest of 2014 is, i like it a lot.

here are some tidbits that didn't quite make it 
in those posts but that we loved
in january..
^^ gorgeous peony blooms in january..i walked past this
flower cart in union square and had to snap a picture.

^^ one of the highlights of my month was getting this
first "weekly email" and one every week since.
one word: lucky. two words : love him.

^^ monday nights call for peonies + pie.

^^ pretty thank you cards for christmas lovelies

pool playing + tennis date night with our bffs

^^ hiking in gorgeous los gatos
so nice exercising outdoors all winter here!

^^ thai takeout at our apartment = happiness

night out in SF at the opera house ^^

^^ chase casually getting interviewed for
his thoughts on the shen yun opera show..haha 
clearly he was loving the limelight!!

^^ our cute new friends//twins
who went to see the shen yun show 
with us...quite the experience!

^^ this chinese TV station loved the boys!

^^ a shot i took while running on the
most gorgeous day..i thought it would
turn out blurry, then looked at it later it captured the gorgeousness.

orange trees everywhere. need i say more?

tennis at glad i married a boy
who will play my favorite sport with me!

is it sad or fun that we have meals
on our coffee table in our tiny apartment?

^^ caught my husband jumping on the bed
when we arrived late at night to a hotel 
while road tripping earlier this month...
shh! don't tell!

^^i have an irrational need to send chase my outfit
if we don't see each other in the morning because
of one of us leaving too he gets weird
pictures like this yet still loves me.

thai cooking class in SF. AKA the best night.

strange how our apartment magically cleans
itself moments before visitors arrive to town... :)

pb lovers-- beware...i discovered peanut butter & co.
and my life is changed...dark chocolate pb? pb with
honey mixed in? life doesn't get better.

sometimes necessary. ^

^^ final semester! please end!

^^ yayyy packages! yay bffs!

breaking news, we have reached the
half-ponytail stage! {he's wanting a
ponytail for our europe trip in feb. so
he can blend in with the locals hehe}

thank you katie for setting up my
pump when i am late! trying to
go to body pump more often so i can
beat chase in an arm wrestle one day..

what kind of dad randomly
ships his daughter new running
shoes? the best kind of dad. that's who.

and lastly, found this little treasure...
my passport from when i was 9! 
the beginning of my love for travel.

what are some of your january highlights?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

las vegas girls trip!

back to reality after the best girls weekend
with chase's mom + sister. we met in vegas,
saw shania twain in concert {obsessed}, ate
at our favorite restaurants, and spent 2 days
at the design market since chase's mom
is an interior designer. it. was. amazing.
it was like walking through real-life pinterest!
i now need a dream home to put all of my
dream furniture // decor into. :) at least i got
lots of good ideas for someday! it was something
i've always wanted to see, so thanks michelle
for taking us! lots of walking, talking, swooning
over pretty things, tasting good food, and fun.
nothing like a girls trip! but also, nothing like
coming back to a cute husband after a girls trip.
^^ first let's talk about how my plane was
delayed 5 hours and i landed 20 minutes
before our show started. in a travel miracle,
i ran off the plane straight into a cab, and
i MADE it 2 minutes before the curtain rose! 
this is why you pack light + carry-on bags people.
^^ her show alone was worth flying to vegas for.
we didn't expect to love it so much. shania's
still got it! she's beautiful, still sounds amazing, 
talks to the crowd the entire time, has the best
songs to dance along to, and i just want to be her bff!
i feel like a woman! probably best song of the 
night. thanks shelley for the tickets, we missed rach!
^^ gold flats + shania's gold 
confetti after the show.
^^ that horse is not just in these photos...
it's actually in the show (!!!) and a white one too! 
we were in awe of the gorgeousness. her show
is so fun because different sets have different feels
{some are definitely funky and themed off old albums}
but then it ends in such a stunning way. i'll be listening 
to shania for the next 2 months, sorry chase!
after the best show we went to max brenner
and i got to have my very favorite dinner..
their cobb salad on a waffle. die and go to heaven!
as if the night wasn't already perfect enough,
chocolate soufflé for dessert. lots of chocolate
= happy girls!
the next day, it was an early start and a full
first day exploring market. this place has 3 levels
full of so many incredible design companies.
i'm not even sorry for all the pictures, i took out a  
lot! haha everything was too darling not to capture.
^^ just the beginning of wanting  e v e r y t h i n g
 hi, pretty couch. ^^
hi, pretty pillows. ^^
^^ dear couch, i NEED you.
i spy 3 blondes! ^^
^^ one of our favorites..she's a utah girl!
caitlin wilson's fabrics = perfection.
^^ the pantone color of the year. 
i think it's spot on, loving lavendar.
^^ canopy bed = my dream. 
i wanted to crawl right in.
^^ amazing display made from...
paper lunch bags! what?!!
looked like anthro. love the texture!
^^ loveliest wallpapers everywhere.
 ^^ best part of the day...discovering
the massage chairs. heavenly!!!
^^ and, we snuck in some shopping in between
all of the market is vegas after all!
^^ this sums up the weekend in one phrase.
ooh la la to everything! here's to lots of
inspiration, gorgeous design, creative ideas,
dream homes, girl talk, warm weather,
lots of walking, favorite food, and of course..
shania. what a trip! lucky to have such
a great mother-in-law!