Wednesday, July 9, 2014

birthday dinner + donuts

on chase's actual birthday, he had
a long day of training for his new 
role at work --- so we planned a 
fun night to make up for it! 
we went to a really special new
french restaurant that i walked past the
other day and fell in love with. it felt like
we were back in france at cafe de la presse!
as you can see, this place is darling and
looks like the charming restaurants 
in paris with little sidewalk cafe seating.
even though it's july, our SF summers are a
bit chilly/foggy! so french onion soup was the 
starter for the birthday boy. this is the place
to get it in the city! it really was to die for.
 since it was a birthday celebration, we had 
to go fancy! chase opted for the duck confit, 
or the confit de canard maison if we're being
official... and i got the poulet roti -- roasted chicken 
with mashed potatoes...the natural way that the 
french prepare this roasted chicken is my very
very favorite... so simple with great flavor.
^^ this chicken au jus broth 
was melt-in-your-mouth
^^ the gorgeous duck confit dish,
one of the most popular dishes here.
^^ hi, cute birthday boy
after a great dinner just the two of us, we surprised
chase by meeting up with our friends for his very 
favorite bob's donuts...i also got him a bob's t-shirt, so
he was one happy boy. it was a fun night of celebrating!
somehow between the 6 of us we 
ended up eating 16 donuts. WHAT?
should we be embarrassed, or proud?
haha i am hoping the boys ate the
majority, but i think we all contributed :)
they were just so warm and delish! don't
blame us, blame bob's for being the best!
^^ proof that we pounded those!
and, proof that my husband loves nothing
more than donuts + new t-shirts, so he was a
very happy guy with his new bob's donuts shirt.
^^ the best kind of friends meet you
at midnight for i right?
 love bob's donuts, love the birthday boy,
love our friends, loved celebrating!



  1. You do such a great job of making birthdays special; I really love. And - I'm partial, because it's right by my first apartment in the city BUT if you're looking for other French restaurants to try, L'Ardoise is my favorite in SF. It is SUPER darling.

    1. thank you!! always looking for new french restaurants :)
      i'll add it to my list! xo

  2. Happy Birthday to Chase! Mmmm Bob's! Tim does not stop talking about that place. So good.

    1. let's meet there soon, pretty please! :)

  3. I am 9 months pregnant and this post made me all kinds of jealous!!! I have craved mashed potatoes most of my pregnancy and donuts for months. I am now FOR SURE getting donuts for breakfast tomorrow after seeing that glorious picture :)

    1. haha, i hope you do! you deserve them!!! and mashed potatoes! :)

  4. Happy birthday to Chase! That meal and those donuts look awesome!
    Cafe Claude near Kearny and Sutter is also a super cute French bistro. I haven't been there in a couple of years, but it was great the last time I was there.

    1. love to know about new places, thank you! i will check it out! xoxo

  5. you are AMAZING!!!! and boston!!!! i better get a picture every hour!!!!


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