Tuesday, July 15, 2014

off the grid: favorites, part II

food trucks being popular is the greatest thing.
i could not be happier about it. i don't know
when they became so trendy, but i'm all
about it. some of the best food we've had
is from food trucks, especially at off the grid.
i've never once been disappointed in a meal 
here, so that's saying something. today i have 
two AMAZING new favorites we discovered 
recently..it was one of the best nights of eating 
we've had in a while! i love off the grid because
where else can you go and get a lobster roll
and creme brulee, and be blown away by both?
today we present...
^^ H E A V E N. honestly one bite of this,
and you're sold. even this picture, i want
to eat it! the butter sauce, the freshness
of the lobster, the bun, it is a masterpiece.
warning: it is smaller than you'll expect,
but fills you up and each bite is heavenly
so just eat it slow and enjoy!! worth it.
**the clam chowder was also GREAT and
really fresh. i'd recommend it on the side
of the roll if you're feeling extra hungry!


as for dessert:
if you ever see the creme brulee cart,
RUN directly TOWARDS it and get 
one immediately. i am not joking.
i like creme brulee, but i've never
had it like this. SO creamy, so light,
and i love the special seasonal flavors.
basic is great of course, but try to branch
out and try a special one like "apple pie
creme brulee" or "s'mores." these flavors may
 sound different, but they are done just right.

food truck lovers!
give me your favorites,
in SF and elsewhere!

see more off the grid favorites here.


  1. creme brulee truck?! sign me up.

  2. A creme brulee cart?! That's a problem. Ugh I love that dessert...




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  3. food trucks seriously are so great. theres a huge food truck night in provo that i've been meaning to get to. i hope they have a creme brulee truck too :)

    1. yes! let me know your favorites if you go!! Xo

  4. where d u park? paid parking only there now?

    1. hi! not sure, we just take an uber there usually because we don't keep our car in the city anymore!

  5. food trucks are the BEST. next time we hit up sf, we are going!

  6. LOVE food trucks! The creme brûlée looks amazing. We love going to picnic at presidio, you should check that out if you haven't yet!

  7. There is this magical food truck in Indianapolis called the Scratch Truck and the line for it is always around the block. They make these amazing Poutine de Peru fries, which are fresh fries in this lemon pepper sauce with queso and cilantro. TO DIE FOR.


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