Thursday, July 3, 2014

unwind me

i love san francisco and the entire
bay area / silicon valley for being
so innovative and always introducing
new start-ups and ideas. i always say..
there's a start-up solution for everything!
in this case, i needed a relaxing birthday
present for my husband. i wanted to book
him a massage right after work, but i knew
dashing through the city to make it on time
for an appointment at a random spa could
end up just causing more stress! then
i discovered unwind me and knew it was
the answer. it's an app where you can schedule
an hour massage on your phone, and a great
licensed masseuse will show up at your door
with the massage table, spa music, oils, lotions,
everything you'd get in a spa brought to your door.
that, to me, is the epitome of relaxing. i had
to book it! i'm so glad i did. chase loved it,
the masseuse was fabulous and so comfortable,
and it felt like royal treatment to have a 
massage AT HOME! right after he could go
shower and relax at his own house. that is
how a massage is meant to be. try them out
at, and make sure to look for the
half off deals that pop up now and then!
that is one relaxed, happy birthday boy!
perfect gift for others or yourself.

check them out and unwind yourself!


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