Saturday, July 26, 2014

decorating our apartment with caitlin wilson textiles

a few weeks ago i had the treat of going to the
darling trunk show for caitlin wilson textiles when 
she came through SF! i've loved her designs since 
coming across them in las vegas earlier this year 
at the interior design market. since then i've only 
become more obsessed, so i was excited to drop in...
especially since we've just moved to a new apartment! 
talk about perfect timing. here is a taste of the trunk 
show, which shows her impeccable, distinctive taste. 
i came home with the big gold dot pillow for our bed, 
and i am in love with it. you can't go wrong here!

^ the gorgeous anyon hosted the trunk show,
so it was a bonus to get to know this pretty shop!

^ the talent herself. i have no idea how she
comes up with these pretty designs...i also
have no idea how she looks so cute pregnant!!

after swooning over everything and chatting,
i walked back through the prettiest neighborhood
to our apartment and swooned over that too...

then, gave our pillow a brand new home!

thanks caitlin and her cute team for
coming to SF and partnering during
the trunk show! our apartment and
bedroom is much cuter now :)
go check out her site and fall in love!



  1. I love the textiles, the darling girls shown :) and your new pillow! Fun post!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love these textiles. So gorgeous. Great blog. -Stephanie.

  3. in LOVE with everything she makes- those pillows! the bows! the scalloped pillow- i will take them all.

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