Monday, July 28, 2014

SF flower mart

here's proof that there is always more to
discover in this city. my friend and i saw
pictures of the SF flower mart on pinterest
and read about how martha stewart just visited
and called it "the best flower mart in the country!"
i saw this peony picture and...obviously had to go
on my morning run down here. it was a delight for
all of the senses and i just wandered around pretending
i knew what i was doing while i just took in all of the
pretty flowers. it's amazing because they are in such
volume that it's overwhelming! it's the place to come
for planning parties, showers, weddings, or just for a
pretty outing in the city. here are a few of the many many
pictures i took on my phone in this delightful place.
^ ribbon heaven. seriously rows upon rows.
thanks for the beauty, SF flower mart!
i'll be back, i can't resist!

you can find the flower mart at
640 brannan street, san francisco.
open 6 AM until 12 PM daily.



  1. did you take all these from your iPhone?! i LOVE them... they are so cute and vintage looking. miss you sweet sweet girl!! xoxo

    1. yes because i was on a run so i just took them with my phone and edited in VSCO!! except for the one i found on pinterest which made me realize i HAD to go see this place :) i miss and ADORE you!! xo

  2. all of those flowers are so dreamy. i absolutely love flower marts. next time you're in LA & have a chance, you should try to go! it's enormous!

    1. ahhh i bet the LA one is great!! putting it on my list, thanks!! xo

  3. I love flower markets! I wish I get flowers every day! :D

  4. Unbelievable!! So many beautiful stems!!

  5. oh my gosh I need this market close to my home. Pretty sure I'd be buying flowers at least once a week!!

  6. This place looks amazing! All those peonies! Swoon.



  7. I want to be there right now and pick up every single one of these flowers. I love this post and the pictures!

  8. How have I not been here yet?! It looks incredible! Putting it on my calendar to go... :)

  9. So incredible. My mom recently told me they were considering shutting it down so some can build more condos... I hope it doesn't happen.

  10. What! I need to go there! So pretty.


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