Monday, July 21, 2014

i'm in love with mendocino

it's not hard to see how
i fell in love. this town is a dream.
a tiny, charming, pretty dream on the edge
of the ocean. how has it been kept a secret?

after we wandered around the town
with heart eyes the entire time, we
drove a few minutes down the coastal
road to little river inn restaurant. i already
thought i had maxed out on darling places
for the day, but no -- this place just added
to stealing my heart. we are for sure 
coming back to stay here, but this time
we enjoyed a sunset dinner looking out
over the ocean at the greatest little inn
restaurant to end our weekend getaway.
it was a dream!
pesto crusted salmon & bacon guacamole burger for chase and i
calimari caesar for mckelle, and the steak diane for david.
we had the best weekend with these cuties 
and we're so glad they joined us. also..
EVERYONE thinks chase + david are twins,
do you see it? we think they are identical 
from behind because of their twinner hair!
^ wait, cannot forget the warm olallieberry cobbler.
hopefully you remember me talking about olallieberry
lots in the past, it's a bay area special hybrid fruit and
we're a little bit obsessed with it. {see proof here
and here and here}. it was the best ever, and the
bread pudding was a must because chase LOVES it.
wow i love places like this, food like this,
weekends like this, & friends like this!

here's to a great place to spend a golden summer night.

riding the skunk train, some good eats, and
horseback riding on the beach. quite the weekend!


  1. That food looks so good! Would love to make it to Mendocino and the Little River Inn one day....

  2. I love the pictures of houses and how each of them is different! It's astonishing :)

  3. oh my gosh, how gorgeous! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Looks like an awesome get away!!

  5. These buildings are gorgeous!


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