Thursday, July 24, 2014

off the grid favorites: part III

surprise, surprise..
more off the grid!
because, what's more fun
than going out to dinner in a huge
parking lot with all the best food trucks?
we can't stop and neither should you!
cheese gone wild food truck has some gourmet
grilled cheese sandwiches if i've ever seen them!
and who doesn't love a good grilled cheese?
the alcatraz melt has grilled steak, carmelized onions &
mushrooms, with a gruyere/swiss blend. it's flavorful
and not for the faint of heart! chase loved this sandwich.
next time i want to try their golden gate melt, a
grilled cheese stuffed with mac & cheese + bacon!
{better save up for that one!}


we also tried the famous pork lechon from jeepney guy.
he is not messing around with the authentic way he
he cooks this right at the stand, and those sauces..yum!
it's a family-run business which
is always the best! i loved talking
to this great husband-wife team.


for dessert, we could not resist
the darling johnny doughnuts.
do you think i'm exaggerating
when i say these are life changing?
because i'm not! i don't like most
doughnuts, i'll be honest. there are
a select few i'm down with. i really
don't like new trendy doughnuts 
that look cute but taste terrible and
fake. johnny doughnuts has the best
of both worlds because the doughnuts
are darling and SO well made. there
are unique flavors & also classics, 
so something for everyone. trust me
that you won't be disappointed! i only
wish i could have tried the "crodough"
cronut, but they were sold out of course!
next time :) the vanilla old fashioned was
a favorite though...hard to choose just one!
 the cutest people work in this truck. they
were so nice and so happy...probably because
they work around these doughnuts all day!
look at their instagram & you'll instantly be
happier from all those doughnut pictures! 
^^would you just look at how thick
and scrumptious that is???
be sure to check out these three trucks!


  1. We have a similar grilled cheese truck and its so good!! Those donuts are making my mouth water!!

  2. I want to live there just so I can try all of those food trucks!!

  3. All your fun adventures make me want to move to San Fran!!
    LOVEEE reading your blog!!

  4. AHHH. Grilled cheese and donuts!? Amazing. That grilled cheese looks divine.

  5. There is no way you don't like donuts. You guys have introduced us to the yummiest donut places! :)

  6. More things to add to my SF bucket list. Every time I leave for a few months there are a million more yummy places to try next time around!


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