Wednesday, July 2, 2014

what's in my suitcase?

summer is here and we have some fun 
weekend getaways coming up... as well 
as some bigger trips planned as summer 
ends & fall begins! one of my favorite 
things about an upcoming trip is finding 
new clothes to wear on it. i mostly like to 
shop when i have a trip in mind, and i 
always think...this coat reminds me of 
(wherever i'm going next), it's perfect 
to get for that trip! ha, is that normal? 
this month i've discovered two new 
online shops with darling items to fill 
up my summer suitcase, and i want 
to share them with you! let's talk about
white plum clothing & la bel jewelry. 

white plum has darling, comfortable clothes.
i have a few items from them that i have already
worn and will continue to all summer! they are
so comfortable & so stylish. lots of compliments!
 i love my... 

..nantucket belted skirt..

..color block tunic..

..blush verona pointed toe flats..

and especially my star spangled scarf--
perfect to wear for the 4th this weekend! 

all of these clothes have the same things in common --
they are comfortable, darling, and so well-priced.
that is white plum for you! i love these items
and they are definitely ALL in my summer suitcase.

of course, i need a little jewelry 
to go along with them!
la bel etsy shop is my new favorite jewelry. 
it is ideal because the pieces are so unique 
and stunning, but they work with a 
lot of clothes and styles...perfect for me.
i love this shop and wanted to share it!
i could wear my new rings every day, 
and the necklace / earrings are so stunning. 
everyone asks where i got them! i love that 
you can order online, and lindsay is also a 
local bay area girl, so she sells in certain 
boutiques in the area: bella james boutique 
in willow glen, pickled in redwood city, and
her rings are at bella rosa in los gatos. 
i love having her cute jewelry on my trips to 
add some flair to my outfits while keeping it simple!

^^ this crystal & gold braid ring is so 
stunning, even i stare it all day when i
wear it! i'm in love with the opal & gold too.
everyone notices and comments on these!
^^ really, look at this soft 
mint color. i'm in love.
^^ darling earrings. her colors are so 
pretty and the style is impeccable.
thanks to both of these darling shops, my summer
suitcase is filled to the brim with cute new items.
now go fill yours and tell me what's in it!
use either of these to link up!


  1. I love white plum- especially that skirt and top! So adorable. The jewelry is great too I love "bigger" rings and more stand out pieces like that !

    1. i'm glad you know & love white plum!
      and yes to bigger statement pieces...i have too much jewelry and never wear it, but these are so simple -- just one piece makes a statement! xoxoxo

  2. I love those flats, they are really cute!

    1. i know--i thought they were so cute and unique! this site has lots of darling shoes for the best prices. xoxox hope you're well!

  3. those pointed flats are so so cute!! i love the ring all the jewelry in fact!

    1. i know, i fell in love with them! i am emailing you back later today! :)

  4. Love these accessories, that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. I think this is a cute series and if I did more traveling, I'd definitely partake in it :)

    1. haha, or just do what's in your shopping bag! :)

  5. that crystal and gold ring is beyond gorgeous. and i need that skirt in my life.

  6. cute jewelry & i love that scarf

    stop by,

  7. LOVE the rings!!


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