Monday, July 14, 2014

worth crossing the bridge for

i will take any excuse to have an outing across 
the big red bridge & into sausalito. i love leaving
the city and feeling like i'm in a tiny coastal
european village. that is sausalito for you!
now i have another reason to frequent this
little town, because some of the best french
cuisine is there. sylvie just opened up
biologique, a spacier and slower-paced
version of her popular cafe in the city. it
fits with sausalito and marin so well.
lunching here is relaxing, slow-paced,
and exactly how french cuisine should be.
the food is truly gorgeous and incredible.
it's hard to believe sylvie is completely
self- taught! she's a genius and comes up
with incredible combinations. biologique
is french for organic, so you can imagine
all of the ingredients are fresh and amazing.
^^ the only tricky thing here is the location..
it's easy to miss since it's a little ways off the
main street and you could drive right by it!
make sure you find it at 2633 bridgeway
^^ sylvie definitely has her own flair.
she serves the classic croque monsieur
sandwich {one of my favorite things} in
a way i've never had it...on raisin bread!
i would never come up with this, but sylvie
says she realized the little bit of sweet 
complimented the flavor of the sandwich..
and she was right! we ALL loved this most.
...and, that salad with fresh peaches and
dates? i have no words. need it every day.
^^ the soups are incredibly flavorful, 
thanks to the organic vegetables that
are used at biologique. this was the soup
of the day and had all different veggies in
it. good for you and packed with flavor.
^^ we tried the beef bourguignon,
always a french classic.
 ^^ sylvie's oat cakes and all of
her french treats are made from
scratch at the restaurant. it's 
tough to choose just one!
always a good time with joe + becca!
so glad they came along.

^^ and, here's sylvie...the mastermind chef
 behind it all. is she not the cutest? go visit her 
in sausalito, and tell her we sent you!
i always love a meal that ends with a macaron.
and next time, i'm coming for their breakfast!
hello homemade french yogurt, quiche, etc!!

cheers to one more reason to love sausalito,
and one more reason to love french food!


  1. oh my gosh macarons i live for macarons!! they look delish

  2. This looks amazing. I will be heading that way when I get to CA!

  3. Love how you shot the cookies in the bag. Your roommates are darling and they are lucky to have the WTW living with them!!
    Love you

  4. I <3 macarons! Psyched that the sell them at store near us as it is our favorite part of visiting France. Will have to check this out next time we are in the Bay Area.


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