Sunday, July 20, 2014

horseback riding on the beach

major bucket list item checked off! 
horseback riding on the beach is pretty
much a dream of everyone's, right? i know
it was for me! we have been close to doing
this a few times, but never made it happen.. so
i was really looking forward to finally riding a
horse on the beach. there is something so relaxing
about horses, then add the sand and ocean sounds
and it was basically therapy! ricochet ridge ranch
is the place to go through in mendocino. we loved
our guide, our route, our horses, & the experience!
^ down to the beach we go!
these horses are conditioned for sand,
they were so strong walking through it.
^ look at those colors! 
couldn't stop staring.
^ our horses were "married," 
pretty cute! roller + cloud.
^ i liked my view the entire way..the beach & the boy!
and, some gopro pictures for good measure.
we had both the boys on double duty with
a gopro each, so we got some good footage!
bye, horsies! we'll be back.
thank you ricochet ridge ranch!



  1. Beautiful photos!! What a fun experience - I've only ever done it once - and will remember it forever!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!!! I have horses at home but riding on the beach is amazing and something I do not do often!

  3. Oh I am so jealous! This has been on by bucket list forever!


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