Friday, November 30, 2012

guess who's here...

when we moved away to CA, my mom said her goal was to still see us every 
1-2 months...we laughed, but now we are seeing that she is a woman 
of her word! since moving here four months ago, she has already 
been out here three times, and we've been home twice..lucky us! 
i love that we live only an hour flight away, so it's not too crazy to visit!

another amazing thing i realized is that ...
everywhere i have ever lived, my mom has come to visit:
  • she came to visit me in france when i studied abroad and saw my french school, my apartment, and met the family i lived with..
  • she came to visit when i lived in DC and we saw every monument, all my favorite restaurants, i took her on a capitol tour, and more.
  • when we lived in LA this summer, she came with my dad and we went to the beach, rode bikes, went to the dodgers game, and she helped us set up our apartment there. {and got lots of froyo with us}
  • she came for an epic visit when i lived in london where she came to see my offices at parliament, and then we went ALL over europe just the two of us.
  •  now that we live in california, she has come to our teach for america
    classrooms, met all of our friends, taken us to our favorite restaurants,
    and explored SF and the bay with us.

    i am so lucky to have a mom who is so involved, interested and loving.
i love that she knows our little life out here so well and 
is part of it although we live apart.

the point of all of this is...last night she arrived again for another little visit! 
we already love having her here helping us decorate for christmas, 
going out to eat with us, going on runs, shopping, chatting, etc. 
my dad gets here tomorrow morning and we are heading down to
 monterey with them before they leave on a trip all the way down the 
coast to LA. we are so lucky to have them here!
looking forward to the best weekend with mike & linny!
my mom & chase last night downtown after dinner!



  1. That sounds so fun! That is so great that she has been able to visit you so much. This post is making me super excited to see my mom at Christmas! :)

  2. what a cute, fun mom! and lots of fun places you've lived, lucky duck!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us today! ;)
    I am so envious that you lived in France!
    Yes, there's nothing like a mom's visit!

  4. What a fun mom! You've lived on some awesome places!

  5. Aw! You have a cool Mom! And, wow! You have lived all over! =)

  6. thats so fun! i wish my mom could come visit us more, but my little brother is still at home, oh well, one day!


  7. this is SO sweet. there is nothing quite like that of the unconditional love given to us by our mothers and fathers <3

  8. Holy cow, girl, you've lived everywhere!! That's so sweet that your mom visits your everywhere:)

  9. Great pictures. I think you look more like sisters than mother and daughter. :)

  10. this makes me miss my mom so much! but luckily, she's coming out next year to visit me (and i live as far away as someone can live from their home) :)

  11. That is so awesome that your mom has visited you so often and so many different places! I always loved it when my mom would come and visit!

  12. That is wonderful that your mother is so involved! I love that she has visited you everywhere! I hope you guys have another wonderful time together!!



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