Friday, November 16, 2012

we like to celebrate the little things

it might be weird that we remember & celebrate the exact date we got engaged, 
but we do and we always will because it was so perfect! we believe in finding 
any excuse to celebrate the little things, because when you look back you'll see that 
they were the big things. since we got engaged in san francisco, it was too perfect 
that we now live right here in the bay and could have a date in the same city 
we were engaged in a year ago. 

we headed to the golden gate bridge first, and walked across it reminiscing about the proposal. on the windy bridge, chase asked me to marry him again and said he'll do that every year. i think i like that tradition.
we saw that they had some of these love locks on the gg bridge like they have in paris...
looks like we'll have to go back and lock our love soon!
pretty city view..we were right under this bridge and in this bay when chase popped the question! 
after the bridge, we went to golden gate park and strolled around, got some ice cream from the best ice cream truck in SF, and watched this video {yes i teared up again}...
that right there is some soft serve ice cream dipped in dark chocolate & sprinkled with sea salt. pure happiness.  

after all of that we went to the nicest dinner on the waterfront of san francisco..
it was so yummy and so romantic! i gave chase a new watch, and he gave me tickets for us to see the nutcracker at the SF ballet next month! perfect gifts!
we ended our night at this gorgeous place..always a good idea.

yay for promising to marry each other a year ago, yay for being happily married now, yay for living in the funnest place, and yay for celebrating the little {big} things!

what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. How perfect! I think it's wonderful to celebrate the small things!

  2. This looks so wonderful! I think it's great to celebrate and remember the little things because that's what your foundation is made of. I'm so happy for you both. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. So lovely, it is good to reminisce about the special moments in a relationship, and I think it helps the memories stay fresh, because they are the memories you never want to lose!


  4. Awww, I think it's so sweet and romantic that you celebrated the date you got engaged. We do every year (which is easy to remember as it was Valentines).
    I popped over here after you came and followed me. So glad you did as your blog is so lovely. I'm now your newest follower. X

  5. I love this! How beautiful and romantic. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary of being engaged! :)

  6. This sounds like the perfect date! Congratulations on your milestone. I love that you celebrate your engagement.

  7. Yeah thanks for the really nice comment on my pictures on my blog!!
    I really like your blog and you have a knew follower!!:)

  8. Always celebrate the little things! You guys need a love lock... Adorable

  9. This is so cute and what a fun day!!! So important to celebrate the little things!

  10. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you again for your posts. I have benefited greatly from reading them. Thank you, Jackie


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