Monday, November 26, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

....our first thanksgiving married....
we loved being able to come home for a few days. it made thanksgiving 
even more special to be living away and come back for it! we're thankful 
for a holiday filled with safe traveling, the best food, good movies, 
our favorite people, some bowling, hikes in the mountains, an outing to 
the homestead, seeing the christmas lights downtown, hanging out with 
friends, pretty warm weather {utah didn't want to give us too harsh of a 
comparison with california}, and fun memories. below are some pictures. 
hope everyone had a great one!

first things first, some good runs in millcreek canyon..
one of the things i miss most about home!

we fit in some bowling and the U basketball game on wednesday night with my family, including our little niece maddie & nephew tagg..they are too cute to handle!!!

the utes even won for us! after the u game we went to see 
lincoln and it was amazing..i cried in it! go see it!

thanksgiving morning we woke up to my mom's homemade 
sweet rolls & avocado eggs benedict...who makes this kind of
breakfast on a day when they have to cook so much for dinner?
we weren't complaining! plus, my dad made us the best green
smoothie of our lives. still craving one now!!
after breakfast the boys went to play in the turkey bowl 
while we hiked in the canyon and watched the parade. 

i got to cook with this darling mom of mine ..she is a pro.
her homemade stuffing was unreal. 
straight out of williams-sonoma.

we had the best dinner complete with my mom's classic gratitude quotes hidden under our plates. thanksgiving is the best because it's such a simple holiday where the main focus is gratitude, loved ones, and good food. what could be better than that? mindy bought tagg some turkey baby food for his first even he was included in the feast! 

my assignment was the pie..linny taught me how to 
make banana cream, and it was amazing!
her pumpkin was so good too. 

we loved having paris at our thanksgiving dinner

on friday my cute mom took all the girls for pedicures..much needed girl time!
later we watched the utah football game, had turkey cranberry sandwiches 
from thanksgiving leftovers, and saw the new james bond movie that night...
and we may or may not have snuck in some cafe rio at 10pm because we 
had been missing it so much!

these two have the best grandma!

saturday we went with chase's family on a fun sleigh ride {minus the snow} 
up at the homestead. it got us in the christmas spirit since there was a 
santa hut with little elves..we ate dinner at maxwell's in park city 
after and it was so good. glad we discovered a new favorite place at home! 

utah sure was pretty for our visit home..tempting us to come back to it someday!
we got our fill of cafe rio, family, the temple square lights, mountains, our friends, and just the feeling of being home. we're happy to be back in CA, 
but we will always love coming back to SLC...our home!



  1. Definitely counting my blessings over here, too!! :) Happy Thanksgiving, pretty girl!


  2. Love the newspaper clipping picture. So very true. Happy Thanksgiving =)

  3. Great thoughts. Belated thanks for visiting me. Happy thanksgiving! xo caroline

  4. lovely! happy thanksgiving!
    thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  5. i love you! hope you are doing well my dear! blogging again..or attempting to :) i am following you so i can keep up with your exciting life.

  6. hope you had a great Thanksgiving and you are right so much to be thankful for indeed

  7. What a fun trip home! :) It is definitely hard to balance time with both families.

  8. Lovely blog!

  9. awww~ happy thanksgiving~~


  10. Those homemade sweet rolls look amazing!

    We all got pedis over Thanksgiving as well (much needed!!)

    Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

  11. The first slew of holidays is definitely a balancing act! It looks like you guys managed pretty well and got a lot in over a short time! LOVE your blog and can't wait to follow along! Thanks for the sweet comment on mine :)

    It's an Easy Life

  12. looks like a great time! so sweet how your mom has gratitude quotes under the plates! and that stuffing looks delish!

  13. awwww great photos! looks like you had a great thanksgiving! that pie looks like it would make a great breakfast :)

  14. What a cute family you have! Everyone is adorable and the mountains look gorgeous!

  15. Looks like you had such a blast! I cannot wait for Christmas in slc!

  16. What lovely holiday photos! It was our first married Thanksgiving too! We just got married in September! And it looks like you are from SF too?! We live in the north bay. Love your sweet blog. Thanks for dropping by mine! :)

  17. loving your cute blog :) nothing like being home (in UT) for the holidays!

  18. Sounds like a fun trip home for the Holidays. Thanks for your sweet note on the blog.


  19. oh my gosh, what a FUN holiday you had!!! You are way too pretty- stop it right now!! LOVE that your dad made you green smoothies! I seriously live for those things. YUMMY! And your mom is so sweet!


  20. lovely post! all the pics are amazing! looks like you had the best of times!

  21. so fun having you around, wish you could have stayed longer! let the 4 week countdown begin!!!

    1. we loved being with you guys!! chase has some more fun pictures on his phone from saturday he needs to send me so i can add them! xoxo

  22. It was so much fun having you here. Thanks for the smoothie props for pops.

  23. i really love these pictures they are really great. I enjoy them all your mom is cute. Are those kids yours lol lets hope they are also cute talk to you soon.

  24. I was the one who sign in private its milton the one above i will have to join could you please send me how and the process please. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove these

  25. Sounds like a fun trip! Glad you got to be with family. Good thing Christmas is soon too!!

  26. Love your blog! :) Cute family!

  27. Loved reading the summary of your weekend home. I was happy to also read your top ten things to be grateful for. I liked that Chase is grateful for hot showers. So sorry he did not get them here! We will change/fix that by Christmas!!
    Loved your synopsis!
    Love, Mom

  28. Such a fun weekend! We love when you are in town!


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