Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tuesday ten

10 things everyone should do today

1. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no matter who you're voting for... two great men are running for the chance to lead our country, and we are lucky enough to have a say in it. so go do it! chase and i 
voted by mail this year..it's strange not to vote on actual election day, but 
our ballots have been cast, and we're excited to watch the results!  
if you don't vote, you can't complain.

2. buy this cereal from whole foods...and try not to eat the entire box at once!
we have been fighting over it at our house, which means it is good stuff.
*yes, i'm kind of hugging this cereal and had to be in the picture with it..that's how much i love it!

3. plan a fondue night with friends where everyone brings something to dip in chocolate..trust me, it's a good idea. thanks cute friends who planned this!
we brought the pound cake, then had fruit, pretzles, graham crackers, the works!

4. see if your dog is as talented as mine and can facetime while also wearing a hat..
i really laughed at this for a good half hour and this picture is my favorite! so casual...

5. make homemade quesadillas with lots of {roasted} veggies on the side..our favorite lunch!

6. buy the fresh gnocchi at costco and the pesto at costco, slice and grill some mushrooms, toast some asiago foccacia bread, throw it all together, and have the best meal ever!

7.  go to a museum soon with friends {if you're in the bay, check out the 
silicon valley tech museum--it's amazing & we spent hours there this weekend. 
here we are riding the roller coaster we "created" at one of their techy stations}

8. be like me and do this pretty much every day:

9. watch this new show...country music + the coach's wife 
from friday night lights--what could be better?

10. enter our giveaway!

happy election day!


  1. Roasted veggies are SO much better, and fondue rocks. I'll have to try the gnocchi and pesto from Costco! Looks delicious!

  2. Love that flag image! Very cool! Roasted veggies--yum-O!! I am hungry now after reading that post.

  3. The picture of your dog, I die!!!!

  4. I was interested in your statement the other day about being torn (about the election). Curious why! I have wanted Romney since before the last election, so I am grateful he's gone this far . . . Really want to see him win as our President. I always felt Pres. Obama was not going to do the things he said he would. He did not! I cannot believe the American Public would not take that more into account. I always felt he simply wanted to be President. Did not feel confident in his ability to lead our country.

    I am glad you believe in "messy hair!" ;-) As a teacher, I often have to settle for that look as well . . . ha ha Have a nice day! P.S. ~ Love roller coaster rides!

  5. I seriously LOVE Tammi Taylor!! Had to watch Nashville just because she is in it.


  6. that cereal looks amazing! i love peanut butter! also, happy election day to you also!

    lindsey louise


  7. I'm for sure trying that cereal and having a date night!

  8. Emi, you are so pretty. Always enjoy reading your blog.

  9. Cute blog Emi! I couldn't email you back to a comment you left b/c it said you were a no-reply blogger but came to visit and say hi! I'm totally hooked on Nashville too and can't wait for the next show each week.. I hope it sticks around... everytime I love a show, it gets cancelled! Fingers crossed!! Followin' ya back!

  10. That gnocchi looks incredible! And I love your dog in a hat facetiming, perfect giggle for a Friday!


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