Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday notes

dear thanksgiving, i can't believe you are already this week.

dear home, see you in two days!!

dear weekend, you've been perfect & rainy.  

dear twirl & dip,
you have perfected the art of an ice cream cone.

dear proposal anniversary, we loved celebrating you on thursday.

dear chunky sweaters, it's finally cold enough here to wear you.


  1. I love the idea of celebrating a proposal anniversary. That is too cute!

  2. We celebrate our proposal anniversary too! Mainly just because we got married exactly a year later so it's our wedding anniversary too! How fun though! And I LOVE big sweaters too!

  3. So sweet that you celebrate your proposal anniversary! Oh, and big chunky sweaters are the best. And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

    -Victoria Horea

  4. chunky sweaters are THE best. love!

  5. seriously its almost thanksgiving, ummm what?????
    love all of these things, all good.


  6. Celebrating your proposal anniversary is super cute!! Chunky sweaters are amazing!! Love these things! xoxo

  7. Hey darling nice blog you have here, I like your posts! Hope you will have time to visit mine and let me know your opinion about it, maybe we could follow each other if you like my posts =)

  8. okay... so let me do the math here.
    on sunday you said 2 days until you are going home.
    so that = tomorrow aka tuesday?

    please tell me we can go to lunch?

    chunky sweaters are nothing short of the best!

    1. okay i would love nothing more!! we have lots going on with both families, but i will email you if i can do lunch! if not, then over christmas break!! xo

  9. I absolutely love your he loves she loves in the sidebar! What a cute blog :)


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