Tuesday, November 27, 2012

tuesday ten

1.  it must be the holidays, because my sweet tooth is in full force. 
how good are these looking right now?

2. we couldn't live without trader joe's on rainy nights

3. it doesn't get old that this is the view from the back alley of our apartment in november

4. our watches make a cute couple 

5. husband's law school apps are officially in....big news and decisions coming up!!!

6. you can always count on j.crew for a good new iphone case.

7. two words: dream home. {hopefully #5 will pay off and get us this one day ...?} :)

8. thank you husband for discovering the name of my very favorite smell..
now if only i could bottle it up to smell whenever i pleased!

9. even though thanksgiving is over, we are still soaking up the last few days of november and using them as an excuse to use up the last of our pumpkin..by making pumpkin smoothies/bread/cookies, etc. the good news is that even though pumpkin season ends, christmas season begins!!! can't wait for december to officially begin this weekend!

10. and lastly, i found this jackpot of simple two ingredient recipes here
to get us all over the pumpkin craze and into december desserts!



  1. Have fun on your trip! :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  2. It makes me really sad that this is the last week for pumpkins. I may cry when I have to put them away! That's amazing about the law school acceptance!! Have safe travels!!


  3. That Trader Joe's sweet potato bisque is one of my absolute favorites! So yummy.

  4. i am sad thanksgiving is over too! love your blog girlie! thanks for visiting mine! xoxo

  5. I never knew that smell had a name. How awesome!!

    Good luck to your hubby on getting in to law school. Where did he apply?

    (PS. you should definitely link this post up to my Favorite Things link up this Friday!)

  6. ok, i want those sweets now!
    law school, thats exciting.
    love your watches, so cute together.
    and the smell after rain, yum.
    hope youre having a good week!


  7. I agree with all ten of these. completely. I might come steal that iphone case! xo


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