Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday ten: we are thankful...

in honor of thanksgiving week, here are ten {of the million} things 
we are thankful for. we sat down and made this list together last night, 
and it was so hard to choose just 10! but we did, and here it it is.

we are thankful...
1. that we get to live away just the two of us in such a fun place and have adventures and fall more in love each day.

2. that we both have good jobs that make us feel 
like we're making a difference.

3. that we both love watching football and 
how the fall has been filled with it.
{we may or may not have been watching football as we thought of this one...}
4. that we have amazing travel plans 
booked for the coming year.

5. that emi likes to cook and chase likes to eat what she cooks.

6. that we have a cute little 
apartment #107 to call home.

7. that we see palm trees every day.

8. that we have hot running water so that chase 
can take his 2 hour showers..
{chase may or may not have left mid-list to take his long shower, inspiring this one:}
9. that we get to facetime with our family and 
best friends and feel like we're with them...and that we 
really get to be with them tomorrow!!

10. that we have so many possibilities coming up 
in our future that we can't wait to find out about!!

and mostly, we're grateful for a heavenly father who 
provides all of these blessings! here's to thanksgiving 
and going home to be with family!!


  1. Awesome list girl :) Be thankful for jobs and palm trees. Those should be at the top of the list!

  2. This is a great list! Loved reading it.

    And after you commented on my blog, I came over to visit yours, and realized I'd stumbled upon yours before - but for some reason, I stupidly didn't follow, because I remember liking it before and thinking how cute it was! Silly me...but no worries, I'm here and following now! Haha... :)

  3. SO cute! Love you both so much, and so grateful for YOU!!!

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I am following you back. :)

    It's a blessing to have a job that you enjoy. I'm glad for you. Mine isn't my dream job but is better than any other I've had so far, so I won't complain.

  5. I love this! Perfectly said. You are a doll

  6. Okay, you are just the cutest little thing!!! So glad you found my blog so I can follow you now, too! :) Also, I loooove your long shower one. haha definitely something I would have written!


  7. I love this! It was so cute, I loved reading it.

  8. So many lovely things to be thankful for! I laughed at no.8 (I'm grateful I have that, too!) x

  9. So many wonderful things to be thankful for. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!

  10. Where did the other list go? The picture of your watches was so cute!

  11. I love this! You two will love looking back on this. Such a good idea! :) Hope you guys have the best Thanksgiving!

  12. thank you for the follow. i here following you back
    bev (black ink paperie)

  13. such a lovely post, I am excited and thankful for travel plans too.

  14. I am sooo thankful tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Love your blog! :)


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