Tuesday, May 28, 2013

i love him because...

welcome to post 4 of wedding week...{see 1, 2, and 3}
today, this is yet another sweet note from husband when we were dating..and he was living in DC. he is such a romantic, and this is one example of many love letters that 
made me weak in the knees! it was when i would get letters like this, 
that i knew i had to marry this boy...because they just don't come better.
Dear Em..
Loving you is like running along the beach, listening to James Taylor, literally thinking about running across the country just to see you. It's like eating a mango while laying out in the sun. It's like the couple of days later when a sunburn turns into a tan. It's like stumbling upon things that were meant for us to find, like hearing a T Swift song that says, "when I'll be 87, you'll be 89, I'll still look at you like the stars that shine." Just like us. Or like finding out that Andy Roddick is 6'2 and his wife is 5'10, just like us. It's like eating the best Thanksgiving meal and rubbing your feet and hearing you say I love you for the first time. It's like reading the best book ever and not being able to put it down. It's like leaving my $200 sunglasses in a taxi and not thinking anything about it because I'm with you. It's like listening to Tim McGraw and falling asleep and thinking about you, waking up and you're calling. It's like getting your tax refund check and it's way more than you thought. It's definitely like getting up slalom then cutting hard across the wake. It's even better than waking up to breakfast in bed or reading the newspaper at brunch. For me, it's better than pecan pie or banana pudding. For you, it's better than chocolate soufflĂ© or frozen hot chocolate. I can guarantee it's better than soy hot chocolate...haha but maybe you don't think so. Loving you is better than any sunrise, sunset or Sunday. It's like sitting in church and you're rubbing my back. It's like me writing "I love you" on your back because I was too afraid to say it. It's your head on my shoulder. It's us walking hand in hand and doing everything together. It's like fireworks on the fourth of july. It's like getting a 4.0 GPA. It's like study breaks in the library. Dare I say it's even better than acing your finals? It's like finding the most perfect fitting shirt or jeans on sale and then wearing them all the time. It's better than when stockton hit that shot and sent us to the finals. It's better than walking around the DC monuments at night or falling asleep watching conference. It's beating you in ping pong. It's losing to you in tennis. It's way better than missing the countdown on new years eve. It's even better than kissing you on april fools. It's like getting snowed in and watching movies all day cuddled up under a blanket. It's better than getting mail or a phone call just to catch up. It's better than you kissing me on my cheek. It's like sharing a first kiss in the rain and going for a late spring scooter ride up the canyon. Even better than throwing a snowball. It's like beating BYU by blocking a last second field goal. It's just like having perfect change in your pocket when you're checking outIt's like climbing the empire state building together. It's holding your hand while it's raining. It's like laying on the beach sharing our ipod headphones. It's better than being waist deep in powder and going to the lodge and sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace. it's like finding any excuse to fly home and see you. It's like the best thing in the world and I really don't know how to put it in words!

There are so many reasons our love is great but most of all it's great because it just works. We just get each other. You know me and I know you. We know what we love and we know what we hate. We know exactly what each loves to hear and we know that we hate not hearing from each other. We hate being apart but we love being reunited. I know you like soy milk and you know I like 2% so it's understood that we'll have them both stocked in our refrigerator. It's just little things like that. They amaze me! You're my best friend and the only person I want to spend my life with. It's sometimes way hard to describe how we feel but hopefully this is a start!!

I'll love you always,
Chase T.



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