Thursday, May 2, 2013

t w e n t y f i v e

i was going through an old notebook and found this list 
of 25 little random facts i wrote about myself in high school. 
i l o v e lists of any kind, so seeing this made me smile.
here are 25 random things about me, now write your own 
and link it back, so i can have fun reading about you! 
xo happy weekend!

1. i love anything mango.
2. if it rained every day for the rest of my life, i would be satisfied.
3. if someone knows to rub my back without me asking i am theirs forever.
4. i love politics and can talk about issues for hours.
5. i love skiing at Alta.
6. i think i have the best family in the world.
7. traveling is my biggest passion...23 countries down, 171 to go.
8. i love ice water with a lemon.
9. i think i love every dog in this entire world, especially duke and kona.
10. i grew up on james taylor and the dixie chicks.
11. tom hanks is honestly my favorite person and i will meet him one day.
12. i am a New York Times girl...i read it every morning with breakfast.
13. i love to make lists and i love quotes...i have 10 books full of them.
14. i have climbed the Grand Teton.
15. i know how to make chocolate soufflé and it is my favorite dessert.
16. i lost my first tooth, learned how to ride a bike, and got my first kiss all in jackson is my second home.
17. i am a big advocate of voting and i make sure all my friends vote on election day.
18. i ran a marathon at age 14.
19. i love the french language and love ANYTHING paris.
20. switzerland is my favorite country and san francisco is my favorite city.
21. i write and eat with my left hand, but i throw with my right.
22. i have always loved tennis...playing and watching.
23. i would marry New York City if i could.
24. i have been a ute since the day i was born and will be until i die.
25. i love life and change and possibilities.

now..share your list of 25!
what are your weekend plans?


  1. I love this!! And lists in general! Sounds like you've had some awesome experiences, I'm jealous that you've already been to over 20 countries! Good for you. :)

    1. Thank you! It is my crazy obsession, so luckily my husband loves it too! hope you're having the best weekend! xox

  2. love it! perhaps i'll squeeze my own list in today on the bloggy blog. thanks for the idea :) here's to a happy sunny weekend with our loves! xo.

    1. I am so glad you did your own list! Loved it!

  3. You need to teach me how to make a chocolate soufflé!!

    1. yes! we will make that AND magleby's chocolate cake soon and have a chocolate overload haha!


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